DSW Return Policy: Practical Steps to Return Items

DSW Return Policy: Practical Steps to Return Items

The worth of your footwear speaks a lot about you, do you know that? You can only find such quality at DSW shops. But, how do you return a wrong delivery such as the wrong size, color, or minor damages back to DSW?

DSW Return Policy: Practical Steps to Return Items

The steps to fix such issues are pretty simple, stop panicking. We have a lot of answered queries regarding the DSW return policy and perfect guidelines on how to initiate a successful return.

What is the Time Frame For DSW Return Policy?

The standard DSW return policy varies depending on your level of membership with the store. Regular customers have up to 3 months to return items to any DSW shop.

DSW VIP Elite members, enjoy up to 1 year of return time for any items from DSW that don’t meet their standard of order or have a spotted fault or error.

Requirements to Return an Item to DSW

Understanding the return time isn’t enough info on how to make a return. You need guidelines or steps to make a successful return because 1 wrong move is bad enough.

1. Notify DSW Of Your Intention

The first step to take is to notify DSW of their item delivery defect and your intention to return or exchange the item. This should be done immediately after the fault or damage is spotted.

The reason is that DSW needs to be aware to approve your item return and make provision for a refund or exchange rather than an impromptu visit at the store, though you will be attended to nevertheless.

2. DSW Return Time

This is also another crucial part of most return policy. Returning an item within its return time makes it much easier to help you with either a refund or exchange. Regular members’ return time is 3 months while DSW VIP Elite members are 1 year.

Trying to initiate a return outside the return time isn’t proper since most stores have recorded the sold item and will shift to other newly purchased items that might face the same challenge.

3. Return Condition

In returning the item within time, you will need to make sure it is returned in perfect condition. The DSW return policy demands that the item be returned new, unworn, and unwashed, neither should any tag nor branding be removed.

If any of these conditions aren’t met, you won’t be able to make a successful return because DSW doesn’t accept worn, washed, or damaged items back.

4. Complete Accessories

DSW Return Policy: Practical Steps to Return Items

You will also need to return all items that initially came with the item you bought. For better understanding, you will have to deliver it back to them with complete parts.

No missing or swapped pack or box, shoelaces, damaged heels, and many more. They must remain new and unworn with all components intact.

5. Receipt

They serve as proof of payment of your purchase, this document also is a necessary part of every return policy though some could still carry out a return even when you dont have it.

This is the more reason why you should fill in your right details and pay with a credit card if you have one, a cheque or a debit card. Most times cash transactions without receipt are quite difficult to track.

6. In-Store Return Method

While the option of making an online return is valued, you should consider making store returns where you will have a one-on-one interaction with customer care or the representative in charge of returns for more effective assistance.

The online procedure is also effective but shipping time takes some days and further damages and charges could be incurred in the process.

All About DSW Online Returns

DSW Return Policy: Practical Steps to Return Items

The return time for online returns for regular members remains 90 days while DSW VIP Elite members remain 1 year. While you could choose to return your online shopped item in-store, or online, you can’t return an in-store item online.

You will have to print and use the return label sent to your e-mail to ship the item back. You will find this label on the DSW official website.

A shipping fee of $8.50 will be charged which will be debited from your refund, while you will expect your refund in 10 working days. DSW VIP Gold and DSW VIP Elite members and customers who paid using the DSW Rewards Visa credit card are always not charged.

Refunds are always sent to the same credit card of the channel of payment you used for purchase and if you don’t get it within the available time, you should contact your bank for clarity.

What Is DSW Swap Policy?

If you prefer dealing in exchange for the damaged or returned order, you will have to return the item within 60 days to replace your item with another.

A day after 2 months will attract only store credit that allows you to purchase another item of the same value instead of an open exchange plan.

However, you should know that this plans only applies to in-store exchange or swap system right? Take note of the specific return time which has a different timing from the regular 90 days or 1 year for exclusive members.

The online swap system is also free. Paypal mode of payment can be returned to stores for exchange while the other methods of payment will have to be shipped to DSW.com.

On the return label, state the replacement for the item they are returning. They also have 2 months to do this.

DSW’s Return Policy Without Receipt

Even without the original receipt or shipping invoice, you can still return the item, but the refund will be a store credit.

DSW might request a photo ID and could impose limits on the number of items you can return without proper documentation.

To make it a very easy way out, you will need to make available your receipt within the time allowed for that item to get a complete refund, especially when returned to the store.

DSW Customer Service

As earlier said, they are the right authorities to contact if you have any issue about the just delivered item. To quickly contact them as the first step to initiate a return, you can contact them at 1-866-379-7463.

You can also follow them and report issues to them through their social media handles and pages or email them at [email protected].

Finally, keep track of your item and your membership level to understand what return policy time is allocated to your package. Within the 3-month time, some items have a 2-month return time while other exclusive members enjoy up to a year’s return time.

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