Kohl's Return Policy: Rules, Time Frame, Items and Exceptions

Kohl’s Return Policy: Rules, Time Frame, Items and Exceptions

Customer errors like placing wrong size orders, wrong fabric, and incorrect addresses have increased the search for Kohl’s return policy, but What are these Kohl’s return policies? These are rules by Kohl’s set to guide a customer on any form of item return. By reading through, we will unveil the nook and cranny of Kohl’s return policy.

Kohl's Return Policy: Rules, Time Frame, Items and Exceptions

How Long is Kohl’s Return Policy Time?

You will hardly find a store that will allow you up to 6 months to return an item that doesn’t match your desired expectations.

That’s how much time Kohl’s gives their customers to make item returns, although some items under Kohl’s have different return times so you need to ask questions or contact customer care.

This 6 months return time isn’t limited to in-store purchases only, it extends to their online item purchases also. Once you abide by this time, you are entitled to an exchange or swap depending on which you prefer.

Major Rules For Kohl’s Item Returns

These rules and regulations form the standards for your stress-free and comfortable return. Kohl’s return policy rules are simply to abide by. But, you should take it seriously as a bridge of any could deny you a return and refund.

1. Make returns within 180 days and not a day after

2. Kohl’s brand packaging is important if you want to make a return

3. The receipt, payment slip, or online confirmation slip, is necessary

4. Avoid removing tags and brand identity on items

5. Your debit, or credit card is required

6. Visit the store or make the returns yourself

7. Gift returns are credible for either exchange or store credit

8. You can’t return an in-store item online

Kohl’s Policy On Jewelries

Kohl's Return Policy: Rules, Time Frame, Items and Exceptions

The return policy on jewelry, outfits, toys and so many departmental store items in most Kohl’s stores has 6 months max to be returned to the store.

While this time counts, you are expected to access the bought item and spot any defect, then start the process of return. Many category items within Kohl’s have this same time but you still have to be sure before you buy.

How Long Does Refund Take?

While you express your displeasure about a product and initiate a return, you should bear in mind how long you should expect to get a refund.

10 official working days are all it takes Kohl’s to credit your account once your returned item is received and refund processed. If you consider this number of days too far, then start your return process to quickly get your refund.

What Items Does Kohl’s Reject?

The unacceptable items for Kohl’s are very few and most of them major on items and time for return. You need to take note of these items and their respective conditions.

Premium Electronics and Watches are the first items you shouldn’t bother returning if you exceed the return time and misplace the original package and receipt. You have 1 month to make a return for these items.

Cosmetic item Purchases including Sephora at Kohl’s are another non-returnable item to Kohl’s if you exceed the 2-month return time, are damaged or excessively used, have misplaced receipt or data, and if it’s tagged non-returnable by sales.

The holiday exception purchase of premium electronics, watches, or Sephora items from Kohl’s after November 1st, has an extension return time

Instead of the 30-day return window, you have till January 31st of the following year. This extended timeframe during the holidays allows gift purchases returned and even exchanged.

Returning In-Store Items By Mailing

Within Kohl’s return policy, you can’t return an item bought in any of their stores online or by mailing. This return process might be valid elsewhere but not in Kohl’s.

You can only return an online item to any of their stores and expect a refund depending on your compliance with the return policy for that item.

Returning An Item To Kohl’s Without A Receipt

You will get your refund as a store credit or score that allows you to purchase another item the same day or later. You aren’t entitled to get a cash refund or a credit to your bank account.

But, returning your item with all purchase receipts and the item in perfect condition within the time frame allows you a credit refund to your account or a specific mode of payment for the particular purchase.

Is An Amazon Return Through Kohl’s Possible?

Of course, Kohl’s accepts Amazon item returns but you have to notify Amazon first so as to get the QR code that you will need to make this return possible.

While you visit the Kohl’s store, you will have to come with the item you intend to return and the QR code sent to you by Amazon to get your refund. Kohl’s will have to see this QR code to collect the item, label and help you ship it back at no cost.

The Kohl’s Item Return Process

While you are busy planning a return process to Kohl’s, you should know the right steps to follow and the right things to do.

Start by getting the item you want to return ready including other components in the original box or package, and then take the receipts with you.

For cash payment without a receipt, make sure the item still has the SKU number. Your Kohl’s Card info or shipping invoice can also serve as a receipt.

Meet a sales associate at any Kohl’s store and tell him what you want, then present your receipt and the item. They’ll start processing your return or exchange depending on which you want.

Once found in the record, the cashier will refund you using the mode of payment. it might take seven to ten days for funds to reflect in your account.

The Kohl’s Store Contact Information

Kohl's Return Policy: Rules, Time Frame, Items and Exceptions

For those who will want to put a call across before visiting the stores, you will need Kohl’s contact information.

The most active to speak with a customer care or store assistant is the hotline(855) 564-5705 while for payment requests are (855) 564-5748. The website Kohls.com contains all contact information for all departments and various social media handles.

In conclusion, you have 180 days max to return a majority of the items you bought from Kohl’s though Premium Electronics and cosmetic items from Sephora and other areas have limited return time.

Make their customer service your next emergency contact if you spot any damage and start processing immediate return to avoid complications.

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