Macy’s Return Policy: Guidelines For Returning Furniture

Furniture problems are not manageable, especially in homes and offices. You should feel comfortable while resting or working. So if you spot a problem with your newly ordered furniture from Macy’s, returning it should be your next plan.

Macy's Return Policy: Guidelines For Returning Furniture

We have concrete information about Macy’s return policy down here and you should see this quickly, and there is a lot to find out. They are trusted guides for sending back damaged furniture to Macy’s.

Instructions for Returning Furniture To Macy’s

Macy’s return time for general items in-store or online varies between 30 to 90 days but furniture is within 30 days, and some special types of furniture have 3 days return time.

The Macy’s store has a specific procedure for furniture returns and you must follow these procedures if you want to make a furniture return to Macy’s. This includes:

1. You must report to Macy’s customer care representative immediately

2. You have only 3 days to make your report and return for special furniture

3. You must get customer care approval to return the furniture

4. Your reasons for a return must be concrete

5. You are entitled to an exchange and not a cash refund

This 3-day policy is specific to furniture and the customer should reach out to Macy’s through their representative to report the damage or displeasure. An immediate order for an exchange will be initiated at no cost.

Why Must I Call The Customer Care Before Returns?

According to Macy’s return policy for furniture, customer care has to approve your request to return the furniture before you return it.

Also, he is in charge of accessing your returned item and will effect the necessary information for an exchange program or store credit if you prefer that. You can contact them through their number 1-888-822-6229.

Macy’s Policy on Furniture Without A Receipt

Macy's Return Policy: Guidelines For Returning Furniture

If you can show that you bought the item by presenting your receipt, the credit card you paid with, or having a return label or packing slip, you’ll get your money back the way you paid.

Without a receipt, you might still get store credit, but only for the lowest price it was sold for in the last 180 days. If it was a gift with a receipt, return label, or a bridal registry number, you’ll get store credit.

Macy’s Furniture Return After 30 Days

You can make furniture returns to Macy’s store after 30 days, unlike other stores that disallow such transactions.

Macy’s nevertheless has a few conditions that would permit you to make returns even after return time. You need to keep the furniture in perfect condition and also ensure that the furniture is still covered by its warranty.

If you want to know about your furniture warranty, check the details of your document or contact Macy’s customer care.

In-Store/ Online Return Charges

To make an in-store return, you are charged nothing, thus it’s totally free and will be accepted once your return meets Macy’s return policy standards.

Online returns could be free or for a cost depending on your involvement with the company. For Star Reward members, it’s free while non-members will have to pay a total of $9.99 for item shipping and tax.

Does Macy’s Charge for Furniture Shipping and Delivery?

You will be charged a token for shipping as a non-member of the Star Reward Team when returning an item online.

It is also important to note that this charge mostly applies to shipping returns, i.e. online or mailing returns that will have to be shipped back to Macy’s and this charge is non-refundable.

But if you get the wrong delivery for your order or any other Macy-related delivery issues, you will pay no fee for returns. But, just to be safe, make your returns in any of their location stores.

Returning In-store Items Online

You should return it to the Macy’s store where you bought it from or any other Macy’s location store within your neighborhood.

This means that Macy’s return policy doesn’t accept returning in-store bought items online but you can return an online bought item in-store or online if you desire. However, remember the cost of online returns as a Star Reward non-member.

Macy’s Exceptions For Free Return

Returns that are free of charge do not cover items such as gift cards, groceries, Beauty Box, lamps, household/ office items and decors, or furniture.

Also, international orders are not free of charge, you should contact customer care to know how much it costs to order items from Macy’s outside the United States.

Why Does Macy’s Policy Charge a 15% Furniture Restocking Fee?

Macy’s restocking fee is charged to pay for some of the furniture return costs incurred by Macy’s while helping you with your furniture return order.

This fee might apply when the furniture is returned for other reasons aside from being damaged or defective. If the customer’s reason happens to be a mere change of mind or expectation wasn’t met then the fee applies.

Finally, you need to understand Macy’s furniture return policy even before you buy or order them. Other items within the Macy’s store have different policies but if you’re going for furniture then have all these in mind.

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