What Is Old Navy Return Policy After 60 Days?

Going through the return policy of a store can be stressful, especially when the timeframe has elapsed. Old Navy, a popular retail destination, also has its set of guidelines for returns after 60 days. Understanding these policies is crucial for a hassle-free experience. Let’s shed light on what Old Navy offers in terms of returns beyond the standard window.

What Is Old Navy Return Policy

If Old Navy’s return policy is within 30 days, 60 days is quite a long time to keep an item from Old Navy that you intend to return for your own best reasons. Let’s still find out what happens if you return an item to Old Navy after 60 days.

Old Navy’s Item Return Beyond 2 Months

By Old Navy standards for item returns, you only have a month to return items bought from them. You will get a store credit if you return an item after 1 month even with your receipt.

This policy is subject to the management’s decision, so success is not guaranteed. It’s advisable to check if the item is available for better chances of a successful return. The store credit is based on the current selling price of the item.

Does Old Navy Return Policy Accept Items After 60 Days?

Old Navy’s return policy doesn’t accommodate a 60-day window. Instead, you’re granted a 1-month return period for mail-in exchanges.

This 30-day timeframe is consistent across Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic, starting from the delivery date.

When it comes to Athleta, however, you enjoy a more extended 60-day window for returning or exchanging items by mail from the delivery date. It’s worth noting that both Old Navy and Athleta operate under the corporate umbrella of Gap.

Can I Return A Worn Clothe To Old Navy?

Old Navy return policy

Old Navy doesn’t accept used or worn clothes during returns and if for any reason you washed it, the item won’t also be accepted.

To return clothing, it must be in brand-new condition, not worn or washed. Only damages in the product can qualify an item for returns. In such cases, returns for worn or washed items may be considered.

Old Navy Return Policy For Missing Receipts

Receipts are always required for a full refund provided the item is in new condition but you still stand a chance to get a refund as a store credit or make an exchange if the transaction record of your returning item can’t be found.

But you should also figure out if the Old Navy store still has in stock the item you intend to return. If it’s out of stock you stand no chance of getting a refund unless store credit.

Old Navy Policy For Clearance and Final Sale

Old Navy has allowed the return of clearance sales items back to Old Navy stores while they ruled out the return of items tagged “Final Sale”. So be mindful of the tag on what you’re buying eventually you want to return them.

You can also figure out the differences by asking the customer representative for clarity on these 2 tags. The unworn and unwashed policy still stands for returning clearance sold items and receipt is important.

Gifted Returns For Cash Refunds

it’s not possible to get cash refunds for gifted items that you returned to Old Navy despite the new condition and price or return time.

You are only eligible for a store credit that allows you to make further purchases in-store. You also should have a photo ID to continue the item return process which is part of the rules for a gift return.

How To Do An Online Return To Old Navy

When your online order arrives, check the slip properly. This slip contains a section dedicated to returns, and you should complete it following the instructions.

A simpler way is to use the website for returns. It will guide you through the process and assist in printing your return shipping label.

Remember that shipping charges apply if you prefer the shipping method of returning an item to Old Navy. So if possible, it’s a good idea to return items in-store.

Old Navy Item Return Methods

You can either do the in-store or online/ mailing returns for items bought online. But the in-store return process is a lot easier, all that is required is to visit the store with the item in perfect condition and your receipt to commence the return process.

The online process requires you to get confirmation, and a return label, with information on the location to ship the item. You are to ship the item back using the UPS delivery agency.

Can I Return Old Navy Items to Gap or Banana Republic?

It will not be accepted, you need to return items to the brand you bought from. This means that if you bought from a specific brand (Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic), you should return the items directly to that brand and not to a different one.

This ensures that the return process aligns with the policies and procedures of the original selling company since they have differences with their returning policy despite being part of a larger brand Gap Inc.

Who Do I Contact For Inquiries?

The Old Navy customer care personnel are the best people to connect with when you face a challenge or have confusion you want clarity on. You can contact them through their phone number 1-800-653-6289

You can also e-mail them and visit their various social media handles for more contact details. Their website and mobile app are a more secure way to communicate with the staff of the company.

In summary, 30 days is what is allowed for returns at Old Navy as the consequences of a day after 30 days might not favor you.

Also avoid wearing, or washing clothes you intend to return to Old Navy and report any initial fault you identify the moment it arrives or gets to you.

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