Wayfair Return Policy For Damaged Items

Wayfair Return Policy For Damaged Items

Wayfair return policy covers general item return rules, but Wayfair’s return policy on damaged items helps you understand Wayfair-specific rules on damaged items and the conditions for return, refunds, and exchange.

Wayfair Return Policy For Damaged Items

While this might be the condition you are in right now or not, read on to share ideas on the comparison and analysis of the Wayfair return policy with the specific rules for damaged items.

Conditions For Returning Wayfair Damaged Items

The damaged item can be any product advertised on the Wayfair store or online page delivered to you following your in-store or online order.

The premium condition for returning a damaged item is the return time of 1 month (30 days) from delivery day. Returning items with the original boxes, whether opened or not is important with other parts of the item.

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Various Methods Of Item Returns To Wayfair

You can either decide to visit the store to return an unwanted item to them or you can also decide to do the online process.

By visiting the store, you will have to contact customer care for a prompt return visit where you will come with all items and relevant receipts or purchase documents and cards.

For the Online process, you’ll have to select “Return Item,” and select a return and refund method on Wayfair.

Can Online Items Be Returned to Store?

It’s allowed to return online items to Wayfair stores but you might have challenges locating any around you since they’re not littered at various locations like other stores.

Therefore, the online return process will be the best since you might have to search to locate one. But if you use the store locator or Google Maps, you’re sure to find one around your area.

You can also decide to ship it back to them online with a few charges.

How Much Are Wayfair Charges?

Though some could cost no amount, others incur some little charges depending on the amount of item you are returning.

Eventually, if Wayfair makes a mistake with their delivery or sends you a damaged item, they’ll bear the cost but if you are returning them for personal reasons then you will have to pay as little as $3.50.

Can I Swap Rather than Get a Refund?

You can decide to exchange or swap a damaged or defective product for another one if you prefer that or also ask for a refund.

If you are swapping, you will be given a store credit of the same value that allows you to buy another item from the store. But if you want a refund, you will be credited by your bank the moment the check on the returned item is completed and successful.

Items That Can’t Be Returned

Wayfair Return Policy For Damaged Items

As much as you are allowed to return a lot of items, it’s also important you know the set of items that can’t be returned no matter the condition they are. There are many of them which can’t be listed here. but you can contact customer care to get better insights.

1. Gift cards

2. Customized items

3. Items from Clearance sales

4. Any item tagged “Non-Returnable”

5. Live plants

Learn How to Manage a Damaged Item Return

You can return damaged items to Wayfair within 30 days of the date you received the items. But, there could be better options for solving the problem.

Wayfair prefers you let them know about the damaged or defective items within the 30-day. Based on your report on a damaged item, the company offers a lot of solutions to solve the problem, such as a partial refund if you choose to keep the item or an item exchange.

Keep in mind that Wayfair may also request pictures of the damage before they provide a resolution.

In summary, returning items with damages have to get the return approval before you return any item to them. The new look condition and return policy time are important in returning them as any defaulted part might lead to rejection.

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