Lululemon Return Policy: Rules For Worn Items

Do you also think the Lululemon return policy on worn items is rigid? We might have different opinions, but before streamlining for a perfect answer, let’s make some findings on basic questions about Lululemon’s return policy regarding used items.

Lululemon Return Policy: Rules For Worn Items

Does Lululemon Accept Used Clothes?

Lululemon doesn’t accept used clothes therefore, returns of worn items are not possible at the clothing and wear retail store.

The standing rule states that they must remain unworn and unwashed neither should the brand name, nor tag be removed. Although there are very slim chances for neatly and good-conditioned clothes.

Customers must return them in their original packs and come with a receipt if they intend for a hassle-free return experience.

How Long is Lululemon Return Days Window?

If you have any item you want to return for a refund or swap at Lululemon, you’ve 30 days from when you bought it for a full refund. Whether ordered online or in-store, you’ve got 30 days from the day you picked it up to reject it if you find faults.

After 1 month, you won’t be able to make returns to Lululemon following their standard for item return and the conditions attached to the item return policy.

Shipping Cost For Item Returns To Lululemon

Whoever told you making in-store returns or shipping an item back to Lululemon will cost you isn’t telling you the truth. Lululemon is one of the few among numerous retail stores out there that won’t charge for shipping and returns.

This means it’s free of charge but this privilege mustn’t be abused thereby leading to incessant returns.

Also, know that the returns are checked and can be rejected. Follow the regular return process if you want to return an item.

Rules For Lost Receipt

You could still return an item to Lululemon without your receipt but hope that your phone number is used to look up your transaction on their database. And it’s up to the specific store whether they’ll do a return for store credit.

For online purchases, you can easily check your order history and get an online invoice within your Lululemon account. That way, you have all the info you need for returns without any stress.

Lululemon Exceptional Items

Lululemon Return Policy: Rules For Worn Items

Aside from Lululemon’s 30-day return policy that generally covers most items, there’s a catch with specific items – known as final sale and non-returnable. Items of these categories are not returnable.

Swimwear is returnable as long as the hygienic liner is still in place. Gift cards and the “we made too much” category items are also considered final sales. Therefore cross-check to be sure of the policy behind the item you are buying.

What’s the Policy on Damaged Items?

You will have to sort approval showing the area of damage and wait for approval before sending it back. Pictures will be demanded and further proof that the item you’re sending back is damaged.

Refund will most likely come as a gift card and you might have to wait for almost a month to get your refund if you’re mailing the item back.

But with the in-store return process, you can quickly visit the nearest store and identify with them with your receipt and all accessories and start your return process immediately.

Meaning of “Fast Track” Return

The phrase is specifically used with Lululemon, is when you get your refund within 2 hours of dropping off your return at a designated delivery agency office, notably a FedEx or USPS location.

This speedy option is available for returns with three items or less, and you’ll receive your refund through a Lululemon e-gift card sent to your email.

The e-gift card is the only choice with Fast Track, and the best part is it never expires. If you’re eligible for this quick return, you’ll see the Fast Track Return option when you log in to your Lululemon account.

Can I Swap Final Sale Items For Another?

Essential Members do not only enjoy the privilege of returning sale items for store credit but also exchange them. Just make sure the store has the item you want to swap for in stock, and you’re good to go.

Now, when you’re bringing something back, whether it’s from the store or an online purchase, it needs to be in good condition, and brand new with the original tags.

In conclusion, returning used items to Lululemon depends on the extent of use, it has to appear still beautiful and neat and in good condition. Even without your receipt, you can still return an item although the conditions might be a little tough.

You should always fill in your right phone numbers when paying or use a credit card for payment, it gives you an edge over other types of payment methods when buying from Lululemon. The Lululemon customer care can also assist you where necessary.

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