Ikea Return Policy: Guidelines For Returning Opened and Assembled Items

Sometimes things can go wrong, there could be a mismatch, faulty items, or maybe the item doesn’t meet your needs. How then can you return these items the right way? This is what we’ll be showing you in this article.

Ikea Return Policy: Guideline For Returning Opened and Assembled Items

The Ikea return policy seems to be a bit confusing for some customers.

Therefore, reading through our Ikea return policy guidelines will settle these misconceptions and offer you a better understanding of how the policy of opened and assembled items works.

Criteria For Returning Opened and Assembled Items

There are specific standards you as the customers must meet if plan on returning an already purchased item from Ikea involving an opened and assembled item(s). The instructions are simple to help you make successful returns

1. The return time of the opened and assembled item must be followed

2. Receipts, confirmation slips, and payment slips are important

3. Make sure all components are Packaged back into the original box and return it

4. Return the item the way it was delivered to you. If it was assembled, carry it back like that and if it was brought in parts, call Ikea to come disassemble it for returns

Deadline for Returning Open and Assembled Items

While other items at Ikea stores might have extended or reduced return time, you need to spot the exact return time of items sent to you in a box or fixed part by part at your house.

With Ikea, most items like that are to be returned in-store or online within 6 months depending on where and how you bought it. You could also request disassembling assistance from Ikea customer care.

Ikea Return Time For New Items

For items that haven’t been opened or used have one of the longest return times at Ikea stores. The Ikea return policy for new and unopened items allows returns for as long as a year.

This includes items that can be assembled but haven’t been opened or untied from the original pack as branded by Ikea. They accept such returns and will make a full refund following the channel of payment once the receipt is presented.

Categories Of Opened and Assembled Items At Ikea

To help your confused mind while you’re wondering if the item you want to return falls under the category of opened and assembled item, we have made a brief list of these items and you can also contact customer care to further verify.

1. Home and Office Furniture

Items under this sector will include Sofas, Beds, Wardrobes, Bookshelves, Tables, and chairs you could also find some children’s furniture under this category which might also include Cribs and Changing tables.

Outdoor Furniture like Patio sets and Garden furniture, Bathroom Furniture like bathroom hangers to other personal accessories you shopped from Ikea that help you enjoy your bath time at your home and office is classified as assembled item under the Ikea store return policy.

2. Kitchen Appliances

If you bought your gas cookers, dishwasher, toaster, oven, washing machine, cabinet, shelves, and many other facilities that make kitchen work easy and fast, identify them as part of this category.

3. Storage Solutions

Shelving units, Storage Cabinets, Cupboards, and other items of such bought and assembled on arrival to your house or office from Ikea are placed under the same Opened and Assembled items and the policy applies to ut as well.

4. Lighting and Lightning Facilities

We don’t think the light and its accessories were brought in piece by piece. They were brought in a cartoon and fixed right in your house therefore, you will categorize them under the same collection of opened and assembled items too. they include your Lamps, Chandeliers, and more.

Can I Return Opened Items after 6 Months?

Ikea Return Policy: Guideline For Returning Opened and Assembled Items

You might be shocked that nothing will be done about your item return after 6 months if it has been unsealed, It might be rejected or you might face some cost penalty charges.

To avoid being at the mercy of the Ikea management decision, you should hurry and return the item within the specified time. If it is used, return it before 6 months and if it is unused, you have 1 year return time.

What Happens if You Don’t Have Your Receipt?

Your chances are slim to make a return and get a refund especially when your transaction records cannot be found. Ikea’s return policy mandates either a receipt or government ID for a favorable refund.

But with your credit or debit card used for the transaction, you still stand a chance to enjoy some in-store credit in place of a cash refund.

You can make purchases with this credit though your store credit will follow the item’s lowest price for the last 1 year.

What Do I Do If My Order Fails To Show Up?

If your order is missing or lost and hasn’t shown up for a few hours or even days after the delivery date, just contact the customer care team, and they’ll help you sort it out quickly.

They can track your order and help you find the current location of your item, make immediate corrections, and have it delivered to you. There’s no cost attached, you can also require details to track your order from the customer care unit.

Ways To Return Furniture To Ikea

To return items to your local IKEA store, bring the original proof of purchase and make sure to include all pieces, along with hardware and assembly manuals.

The items must be in their original condition; if they are used, damaged, scratched, stained, or altered, a refund won’t be possible.

If you prefer IKEA’s Truck delivery services, ensure that all items are disassembled and properly packaged before the scheduled pick-up time.

Failure to disassemble the items may result in the pick-up not being completed, and a new date will need to be scheduled.

Ikea Refund and Exchange Policy

Ikea Return Policy: Guideline For Returning Opened and Assembled Items

Regarding refunds, IKEA’s return policy ensures that you’ll receive your refund for a return using the same payment method you used for the initial purchase.

If a part of your item is damaged and needs replacement, they will send you the necessary parts from one of their stores.

For immediate help, you should visit an IKEA store with the damaged parts, along with your order confirmation or receipt. If going to a store is difficult, just reach out to the Ikea Customer Support Center at 1 (888) 888-4532.

Finally, the categories an item belongs to are necessary to understand because they also have different return policies.

Whether opened or closed, customer care will identify the category and tell you what to do and how to gi about your return. Always call them for immediate assistance if you need one.

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