Rei Return Policy: Rules, Time Frame, Items and Exceptions

If your order from Rei arrives piled, damaged, or deformed due to the arrangement and tight shipping space, you shouldn’t accept it. The Rei return policy is your ticket to getting a refund or exchange.

rei return policy

If you leverage Rei’s return policy, you will get your order in perfect condition. But how do you achieve that when you have no idea what this policy entails? We can be of great help to you today on this subject matter if you will stay a little longer reading.

When Is The Deadline For Item Returns

You will enjoy an elaborate 1 year time for returning rejected items to Rei if you’re more than just a regular customer. You need to be a Rei Co-op Member to be able to make item returns after this much time.

You also have 3 months to make returns if you are not a member of the Rei Co-op. At least, this time frame is long enough to spot any damage that your order has.

Therefore, if you want the privilege of an extended return time, you should become a Rei Co-op Member.

Are Used Items Accepted During Returns?

The Rei return policy doesn’t kick against returning worn or mildly used clothes so long as they aren’t looking bad or extremely used.

Therefore, any item you return must look really neat and new-like (in perfect condition) to be able to qualify for returns.

You must also abide by the return time depending on your membership. Rei Co-op members have 365 days while nonmembers of Rei Co-op have 3 months.

Item Returns Without Receipt

Your chances are very slim when visiting any Rei shop to process item returns without a receipt, you might be stuck with a store credit option.

But with your receipt, it is a lot much easier to make item returns because it carries all the information of the transaction. Your credit card could be a way to find your transaction info but debit cards and cash transactions can’t be found.

If it was an online purchase, your online transaction receipt or invoice has to be made available as proof of evidence, else store credit or a swap for a similar item.

Few Item Return Exceptions

rei return policy

While you can return a lot of items to Rei, they have also updated info on the type of restricted items that can be returned recently. These items include:

1 Gadgets such as monitors, emergency communication devices, GPS-enabled devices, bike trainers, and cameras have 90 90-day return time. They are classified under outdoor electronics.

2. 30-day return time is for items you purchased from REI and used or wore. But they must be in perfect condition and their receipt intact.

3. Final sale items are one of the exceptions when buying from Rei. REI Garage Sale Merchandise are final sales items and won’t be collected back. Also, Garage Sale items are also not returnable to the Rei.

Can My Return be Rejected?

Whenever they feel you as the customer begin to abuse the opportunity to return items that don’t match your desired order or that have a fault but have extremely used these items.

They can also deny your order the moment you present an item that doesn’t meet the return standard according to policy or visit without a receipt.

Which Returns Options Are Available With Rei?

The available options are many, you can decide to make in-store returns for items bought in a store or online using your mobile app or Rei’s official website.

You also make online returns of all items bought online and in-store. This is a very rare option in most brands/stores’ return policies accept.

However, using the mailing/shipping return system has a process of the customer using the return label that would be generated online while shipping back the items.

The customer should also be aware of the $5.99 return fee charges that accompany the online, mailing or shipping process.

The REI’s Swap Policy

If you want to exchange an item, you have to visit the store in person with the item and request customer care attention to help you commence the return process.

If you prefer a mail-in exchange, sorry, REI doesn’t do exchanges by mail. However, you can start the return process online and place a new order for the replacement item. Once REI gets your return, they’ll refund the amount back to your original payment method.

How Many Days Before I Get a Refund?

The REI refund process is simple, and a refund should be expected within 10 working days through the same mode of payment.

For online orders and in-store purchases that await refunds, it takes up to 3 weeks to get credited by cheque following your return receipt except for Total REI Rewards.

If you made an online purchase using PayPal or Apple Pay, refunds will be credited back to the account you used for that specific payment method.

Finally, if you have further questions or might want to make personal inquiries, you should contact REI customer care quickly.

Identify your membership return time (REI Co-op Members and non-members) are different from and basic rules of meeting the time, keeping items clean and new, and avoiding damaging them.

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