Hobby Lobby Return Policy: Practical Guidelines to Return Items

For a total refund, you should familiarize yourself with the Hobby Lobby return policy. If you’re ignorant of these rules, sit back and read through this information.

hobby lobby return policy

Requirements for Returning Items to Hobby Lobby

Whether a first-time or a returning customer, the Hobby Lobby retail store has outlined these specific rules for item returns if you want a full refund for your returned item.

1. The item should remain in marketable condition and can still be resold.

2. If the item you are returning has been opened or used, don’t bother returning it. Hobby Lobby doesn’t accept opened or used items.

3. Returning a damaged online order to any of their local stores is against the Hobby Lobby policy on item returns.

You rather call customer care at 1-800-888-0321 to report or e-mail them through their official address.

4. You must make a return within the stipulated return time

5. Compulsory item receipt is necessary during the return of the item.

What is Hobby Lobby’s Return Time?

Hobby Lobby allows a total of 3 months from the purchase date, for customers to make returns for items that are damaged or need to be returned.

Within this period, items can be exchanged, a store credit can be given, or a refund based on the original payment method.

For payment made with a cheque, customers will have to wait an extra 10 days, but merchandise credit can be issued during this time.

Policies for Returns Without Receipt

hobby lobby return policy

Hobby Lobby allows customers to return items even if the original receipt is lost but you have to provide a valid ID to process the return.

Refunds most times come as store credit at the lowest selling price of the item within the last 60 days.

This store credit only allows you to make a new purchase within the balance on the store credit you have. To avoid this, you should always keep your receipt safe.

Are In-store Returns Accepted for Online Purchases?

For sure you can return an item bought online to the location store provided you have all online details to prove the item was bought from Hobby Lobby.

This kind of return is allowed for items below $250 and has to be made within 90 days. This is just a way to ease customers off the stress of shipping items and make easier and quicker returns.

Hobby Lobby Exchange Policy

Hobby Lobby allows exchanges of items under the Hobby Lobby Return Policy. All item orders exchanged during return are processed as a new and separate order.

This type of policy goes for items that you intend to swap for another of the same or another product. Customers are given store credit which allows them to make such transactions.

If you want to make an exchange for a product, ist best you visit a store because not all items can be mailed for an exchange.

Restrictions on Item Returns to Hobby Lobby

Items like Brother, Silhouette, Spellbinders, Sizzix, and many others require the original receipt for returns or exchanges at Hobby Lobby and new, unopened.

If any of these products under this category are still covered by warranty, you should identify that the company will notify the manufacturers for a more favorable option for refund, or exchange.

How Long Does it Take to Process Online Returns?

hobby lobby return policy

It most times takes up to 14 days to process customer refunds and funds released to customer accounts following the method of payment during purchase.

The refund could also come as a gift credit depending on the conditions of the return.

If you can’t present your receipt, the worth of the item has depreciated over the period, or return the item after the 3 months return time you might get a store credit.

Does Hobby Lobby Accept Opened Items?

Hobby Lobby accepts open items but they must be in good condition to be marketable. Aside from that, don’t bother returning it, it won’t be accepted.

The original packaging, boxing, instructions, and other components, must also be returned alongside the items.

When you are not sure of such policies regarding specific items and conditions for return, check Hobby Lobby’s official return policy or contact their customer service for confirmation.

In conclusion, the Hobby Lobby return policy is lenient enough to accommodate a lot of understanding clauses within the Hobby Lobby return policy.

You need to make receipt, good item condition, packaging, and return time a priority for successful returns and get a full refund through your initial payment method.

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