Abercrombie Return Policy; Rules For Return After 30 Days

The Abercrombie return policy allows a maximum of 1 month for customers’ returns. It’s possible to miss out on timely item returns but what happens after the 30-day return time?

abercrombie return policy

The Abercrombie return time could be a little bit strict. However, its loyal customers still enjoy some privileges despite delayed returns.

To know more about the inner clauses and actions of the Abercrombie return policy against customers who miss the 1-month return time, this is what the Abercrombie return policy states.

Abercrombie Return Policy After 1 Month

You will be offered a store purchase credit in the form of a refund for returning the item after 30 days. This is because the Abercrombie return time allows a maximum of 30 days for customer returns.

This store purchase credit or merchandise credit will also allow you to exchange or shop for other items of the same value within the store or at any other Abercrombie stores. While returning the item within 30 days give you a cash refund opportunity following your means of payment.

What is Abercrombie’s Maximum Return Time?

The highest official return time Abercrombie allows for return is 30 days. However, a 60-day return time could be allowed for purchases made at U.S locations and stores which most times rarely applies.

To avoid the controversies of unofficial timely returns which could lead to rejection or store credit instead of a cash refund or refund to the account, you should make returns hasty enough within 1 month of purchase.

Are Returns Without Receipt Accepted?

abercrombie return policy

Item(s) returned without a relative receipt will be accepted but conditions definitely apply.

Returning items without a receipt are regarded as “after 30 days” returns and the same policy of after 30 days return time will apply. You will receive a store purchase credit like an Abercrombie e-gift card instead of a cash refund paid to your account or card.

Online purchases will always have their confirmation slip or invoice within their transaction history. That can serve as your receipt if you want to make an in-store return for an online purchased item.

Rejected Items by Abercrombie

Abercrombie has a few no-return policies, which include face masks. Women’s swim trunks and innerwear are accepted as long as the hygiene liner is still attached and still has the original tags.

The major requirement is to maintain the Abercrombie product in the same condition as initially purchased otherwise will be rejected. Other retail brands and shops categorize this under final sales.

Are Used Items Accepted?

Returning items that have been extremely worn or used is against Abercrombie’s return policy since used items are not allowed because they sometimes alter the original appearance.

But clients who have neatly used the item leaving clean, hygienic, and new like can return them if they aren’t satisfied with the fittings of the item. The tags and neat appearance of the item are necessary to get a refund although a team will inspect the returned item.

Are Shipping Costs Incurred In Shipping Back Items?

The customers are most times charged for the cost of returning items if done via mailing. The cost is usually charged from the refund before being paid if the refund is successful.

A $7 charge is what it costs to return an item via shipping. Customers should consider this cost when choosing a mailing return rather than an in-store return.

Abercrombie Non-Refundable Items

Final sales items and customized items are considered non-returnable and non-refundable. These items cannot be exchanged, or canceled after purchase.

It’s necessary that customers are aware of these policies and carefully make the right choices when buying such products. Once tagged final sales will most likely not be considered for return and accepted.

Can Online Orders be Returned In-Store?

abercrombie return policy

For online orders, Abercrombie accepts in-store returns, but with some specifics. The items must have been purchased in US Dollars and also must be from any of their stores.

To push for a return, customers should bring the packing slip along with the item to the store. This makes in-store returns much easier and simpler compared to the mailing method.

Within How Many Days Will Abercrombie Refund?

Once Abercrombie receives your return, refund processing begins. Customers should expect a refund within 7-10 business days. For refunds to the original payment method, an additional 3-5 days may be required after the processing period.

This timeframe provides customers with an estimate of when they can expect the refunded amount to reflect in their account after initiating the return.

In summary, returning an item to Abercrombie after 30 days of return time isn’t a wise choice because you won’t get a total cash refund. Instead, you will get a store credit to buy other items as a refund for your returned item.

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