GameStop Return Policy: Rules, Time Frame, Items, and Exceptions

Are you aware that not all gaming items can be returned to GameStop? The GameStop return policy has specified the condition that allows a customer to return an item. Ignorance of these rules and information isn’t an excuse when making a return.

gamestop return policy

This is an opportunity to read about this GameStop return policy again on time, criteria for return, and other rules.

It’s most beneficial for first-time customers and returning customers should look out for why some returns are rejected.

Criteria For Making Returns To GameStop

You will have to meet some standards and rules if you make a return to GameStop for an item you bought that is malfunctioning.

You must return the item within the specific return window allowed, present all parts and components of the item, provide your purchase receipt, and abide by the various individual rules for returning different items.

How Many Days Does GameStop Allow for Returns?

GameStop’s return window is quite short, allowing only 15 days to return items. Refunds are issued to the original form of payment, but cash purchases above $150 have a different policy for refund.

If that’s the case, you will wait for 14 business days to receive a refund by cheque, as the corporate office handles this process.

This policy provides a clear timeline for returns and outlines the specific process for cash payment over a certain amount.

Unboxed Item Return Policy to GameStop

If you’ve purchased a new game or gaming console from GameStop, it is delivered sealed. When making a return to get a full refund, it must be returned sealed.

GameStop doesn’t accept unsealed boxes, they term it ‘Opened”. If the product is opened, you can only exchange it within 15 days aside from that, you cannot get a refund.

Does GameStop Accept Opened Items?

gamestop return policy

You might find favor with the manager of the store if the opened item has manufacturing or software issues. Aside from that, the GameStop return policy doesn’t accept item returns once the seal is removed.

While you try your luck with returning an opened or unboxed item, make sure it appears new, and in perfect condition, and return all accessories and box.

Unacceptable Returns to GameStop

There are a couple of items that GameStop doesn’t accept as a return. As customers, you need to identify these items and be sure you need them before buying them.

1. Items under “final sale” category

2. Trading cards

3. Seasonal products

4. Blind items

5. Edible Items

There are many other items under this list that are unreturnable, we advise you to contact customer care to learn more about items from this list.

Are Returns Without Receipt Possible?

GameStop cherishes your receipt during returns. The strict return policy of “no refund” is important to safeguard your GameStop receipts.

Requesting receipt during item return at GameStop will reduce customer abuse of the return policy and thereby enhance a good record of customer returns with GameStop. This somehow regulates and makes item returns to GameStop easier and faster.

GameStop Item Return Policy

gamestop return policy

Online purchased items from GameStop’s website can either be returned in-store or mailed back to GameStop. The return shipping label helps you send back an order.

Whichever medium you decide to use, you need a receipt or your online invoice to process returns and refunds.

Do not mail an opened game box to GameStop because you won’t get a refund or return since their policy disallows item returns when opened or unboxed. This means if you send back an opened game, you won’t receive a refund, and the item won’t be returned to you.

How Much for GameStop Shipping?

GameStop allows customers to return products in-store, online, or by calling customer service. If you choose to ship an item to GameStop, you will incur a fee of $8.99.

This fee applies to returns made through the shipping method and a notification of the amount or cost is usually sent through mail. Customers can rather go for the in-store return method to save on charges.

GameStop Exchange Policy

GameStop allows a 30-day exchange policy for items purchased in-store, online, or through the GameStop app.

To exchange a product, customers need to present a receipt or order number, and the item must be in its original condition with all accessories and packaging.

GameStop may refuse an exchange for damaged or incomplete items. If the exchanged product is less expensive, a refund for the price difference is given, while customers pay the difference if the new product is more expensive.

For pre-owned products, GameStop offers a seven-day exchange time with similar conditions.

Finally, The specific rules for GameStop item returns are unique and might be a bit strict, but if you play along nicely, you won’t have issues enjoying their return policy while others complain about it.

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