Steam Return Policy: Rules For Return After 14 Days

It’s possible that your order from Steam doesn’t develop fault or malfunction until after 14 days, this can be devastating, but how to return it is usually the question.

Steam Return Policy

The Steam return policy has clauses and conditions for item return at different times, condition for return within 14 days isn’t the same after 14 days. So, we think you should read this post to find out what happens when you are returning after 14 days.

What Is The Steam Return Policy After 14 Days?

Actually, Steam’s return policy is open just for 14 days under the condition that the game must not exceed 2 hours of playtime whether you order online or in-store. You will have to submit a return request.

Nevertheless, the Steam return policy is flexible enough to allow returns after the 14-day deadline but the item returned will be subject to checks by the management of Steam.

Can I Request a Return to Stream?

If you buy a game on Steam at full price and it goes on sale shortly afterward, like during the Steam Summer or Winter sales, you can ask for a refund for the original purchase and take advantage of the discounted price.

Steam considers sales as a valid reason for refunds in such cases. But they may not consider a return if you overuse the game, if it’s not a Steam product if suspected cheating and fraudulent activities intend to return a gift, or start abusing clauses of the Steam return policy.

Analyzing Playtime and Achievements Post Steam Refund

Unlike other games that erase a gamer profile when you return the game, Steam game playtime and achievements are saved on your profile even if you refund a game.

In simpler terms, the time you spent playing the game and any achievements you earned will not be taken away from your Steam Community Profile when you get a refund.

Eligible Games For a Return and Refund at Steam

If you buy a Steam game and play it for two hours or less within the last 14 days, you are qualified to ask for a refund. You will also have to meet these other standards to be eligible for a return and refund.

1. Downloadable Content (DLC)

Steam Return Policy

You can return it to get a refund for any DLC within 14 days of buying it, as long as you haven’t made any adjustments or edited it, used it, or shared it and have played it for less than 2 hours.

2. In-app Purchase

For Valve-developed games, in-game purchases are refundable within 48 hours, provided they’re not edited, exhausted, or sent out. Bundles are also structured under this same rule and you can get a refund for the whole bundle.

3. Pre-Orders

You can get a full refund in 14 days’ time after the title is been officially released or before the release date, but you must have played it for less than 2 hours.

4. Steam Gifts Cards

If you have a Steam gift card that hasn’t been redeemed within 14 days of purchase can be refunded. Redeemed gifts need the recipient to start the refund process, and the funds go back to the original purchaser.

5. Subscribed Games and Items

If you’ve subscribed to a service but haven’t used it, you can get a refund within 48 hours of subscribing. Strictly consider the clause that says ” not used” before asking for a refund.

6. Steam Funded Account

If you funded your Steam Wallet/ account and haven’t used it, you can get a refund within 14 days. However, make sure that the amount funded is intact to enable a refund.

Steam Refund Conditions For Banned Accounts

If for any reason your Steam account or wallet has been either banned or flagged for any malicious or fraudulent activity, you cannot make returns or get a refund.

You need to abide by all rules and conditions that shape item return for a refund at Steam most especially the item return time and the used, unedited, and privacy instructions attached to items intended for returns.

How Long Does Steam Return Take?

Steam Return Policy

You won’t have to wait so long to get a refund from Steam once your return is successful following the due procedures. You will receive a complete refund in 7 to 10 working days while international customers might have to wait for 14 working days.

The refund is usually sent back to the same account the customer used to make the payment, which means that be it credit card or wallet/ Steam account balance is immediately credited once the refund is made.

Steps On How To Make Ask For A Refund

Steam requests for return and refund most importantly aren’t the same process for other gaming companies out there, you have to follow their unique standards if you want to make a successful return and be refunded your total amount.

1. If you want to get a refund on Steam, go to the Steam Support website and log in with your Steam account. You can also find Steam Support in the help menu at the top of the Steam client.

2. Identify “Purchases” in the list of topics and select it.

3. Look for the item you want a refund for in the Purchases list and click on it.

4. Choose the specific issue you’re having with the game.

5. Select the “I’d like to request a refund” button.

6. Choose a preferred mode of payment, either a Steam wallet or credit card.

7. State your reason for asking for a refund.

8. Submit by clicking the “Submit Request” button.

After you submit your refund request, expect an email confirming your request. The process may take up to a day, but once approved, you’ll get another email letting you know.

The game you refunded will be taken off your Steam Library. If you opted for a Steam Wallet refund, the funds will show as “pending” in your Steam Wallet for a few days before the refund is complete.

Requesting a Refund For Steam Keys And Codes

If you bought something outside of Steam, like from Humble Bundle or another website, you can’t ask for a refund on Steam.

You have to go to the website where you made the purchase or contact that specific retailer to request a refund. Steam doesn’t handle refunds for items bought outside of their platform.

Can I Ask For a Refund Again After Rejection?

You can apply for another refund if your refund request is denied. Just use the same process and maybe explain better why you need to return and get a refund for that game or item. Another Valve employee will review and make a decision on the new request.

You might be lucky this time and your request will be approved. But for you to stand a chance, you have to self-check your activities with the purchased and intended returning game to initiate a return and refund process else your request will be rejected countless times.

Finally, returning items to Steam after 14 days (2 weeks) is worth possible but will be checked by the officials and management of Steam to make sure you initiate the return on time and in line with the conditions for return.

In case you have forgotten the conditions of return, let us remind you that it has to be within 2 weeks of purchase and must be unedited, unshared, and uncompromised but you will have to submit for approval and follow other due processes.

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