Ulta Return Policy: The Ultimate Guide

I imagine spending so much to get an item at Utra and for some reason, it turns out not what you want or you simply made an honest, how do you return the item?

Whether you’ve encountered a shade mismatch or the latest mascara just didn’t deliver those va-va-voom lashes you were expecting, you don’t need to worry, we’ll be showing you everything you need to about returning items to Utra.

Ulta Return Policy: The Ultimate Guide

What is the Time Frame to Return a Product at Ultra?

Ulta Beauty allows a total of 60 days according to their return policy for customers to return items and products that doesn’t meet their desired expectation.

This 2 month is for customers to reasonably use the product for a while and if there’s a fault, damage, or displeasure with the effect of the product, he/she should immediately plan a visit to Ulta Beauty before the return window elapses.

Simple Steps to Return an Item at Ultra

As earlier said, we have studied the parameters of returning an item to Ulta Beauty Salon and we have come up with this guide to assist customers who are victims of unsatisfied products to effect a successful return of an item.

If you can follow this guide, you are sure to enjoy making an item return stress freely. This guide includes:

1. Include all accessories accompanying the package when making your return

2. Avoid excessively using the product before planning a return

3. Always stick to return time and conditions

4. Avoid personal damage to the product, and maintain the original appearance

5. Go for returns with your online verification mail and credit or debit card used for the transaction

6. Using the shipping method, remember to add the return label you printed online and send it back to ulta.com Returns Center, 1135 Arbor Drive, Romeoville, IL 60446 

7. Always return items with their relevant receipts

Returning An Item Without A Receipt

Ulta Beauty salon accepts customer returns with or without a receipt though you need to beware of the conditions of returning an item without a receipt.

Items returned with a misplaced receipt go through a verification process through the database to find out the details of the transaction.

If your record can’t be found, you will be restricted to getting a refund as a store card following the lowest market value of the product in the last 3 months. While your State ID is required alongside a missing receipt.

Ultimate Card Holder Return Without Receipt

Ulta Return Policy: The Ultimate Guide

If a member of the Ultimate reward cardholder fails to provide the receipt for an item he/ she intends to return, his membership card or cell phone contact number is used as a tracking tool to figure out the transaction.

Once the transaction is found, the refund or exchange process is initiated immediately. This is the benefit of being a member or cardholder with your favorite beauty salon.

Therefore you are likely to get a cash refund instead of store credit just as though you provided your purchase receipt.

What Return Methods Does Ulta Accept?

Ulta acknowledges and accepts 2 specific methods of returning an item to them. The in-store method is the fastest and easiest to do. You just have to visit the store around you with the set of item(s) you want to return.

By using the in-store method, you are entitled to a full refund following the verification of your returned items.

You can also decide to return using the online and mailing method though you should be mindful of the condition of using this method. Ulta Beauty Salon has made exceptions for using this return method.

The Shipping Return Rule

By using the online mailing method, you will have to pay for the charges of shipping. Unlike Sephora which runs the prepaid return label that helps customers with returns costs.

You will only send it back for free if the item sent to you is already damaged or in the wrong order. Aside from that, get ready to pay the cost of sending it back to Ulta Beauty Salon or visit the local store with all the requirements.

How Long Does Refund Take With Ulta Salon?

It is a matter of minutes for customers who choose the in-store method of returning a rejected item. This means you are likely to get your refund in less than 20 minutes, provided you meet the requirements.

But for customers shipping items back to Ulta Beauty, you will receive your refund between 7 to 10 working days. This might extend more depending on your bank and your method of payment.

What Are Swap Conditions Instead Of Refund?

Ulta Return Policy: The Ultimate Guide

Refund isn’t the only option Ulta offers its customers, you can also decide to exchange or switch items to replace another either with the same brand or another brand.

Instore swapping is allowed just like online exchange but the customer will have to pay the shipping cost if he/she decides to use the online method.

The company will only pay for the shipping cost if the product is already damaged on arrival, sent to the wrong address, or sent the wrong item to the right customer.

List of Non-Returnable Items

Unlike Sephora and other stores that have a list of non-returnable items, there is no list of non-returnable items when it comes to Ulta Beauty Salon.

Their options are open to accept all their items back so long as the customer expresses insatisfactions with that item.

The only grounds that permit them to refuse a return is when the customer violates any of the return rules either by time, product handling, missing accessories and what have you. To understand it better read Basic Ideas For A Prompt Return.

Returning Used Item to Ulta

Returning used products has never been a problem with Ulta Beauty Salon. The only rule to obey is to provide the receipt for the purchase or an Ultimate Rewards Membership ID.

with either of these 2, you get a complete refund for your returned item but if you fail to provide any of these documents, you will resort to a refund by store credit.

Can I Return After 2 Months?

Other companies might have their strict policy of a No, but Ulta Beauty Salon allows you to make returns after 60 days of purchase.

The only challenge you might face is not getting store credit for a refund following your violation of the 60-day return time policy even when you have your receipt.

To avoid this, you will have to state returns early enough to meet up with return time and other policies to get a complete refund instead of a store credit.

The Rule For Gift Item Return

You can return a gift item to Ulta Beauty, they accept them back though you should walk with their guide to get your refund.

You should also know that the gift you intend to return should come back in a full package and also with the required receipt and you will be getting a store credit in exchange rather than a cash refund.

How Long is Ulta Cash Refund?

You should wait too long from the return date to expect your cash refund especially if your item was validated and reaccepted.

In the next 10 working days, you should get credited to your bank account and if it delays further, contact your bank.

Who To Contact For A Refund

The Ulta Beauty Salon customer representative is the right channel for communicating and reporting a damaged or faulty item bought from Ulta.

By reaching out to them, they will also play a part in informing you of the necessary ways of making a good return if we happen not to cover any of your questions here.

You should contact them through their phone number 1-866-983-8582, between the hour of 7 am to 11 pm. You can also text them at 309-650-8582 or chat with them on their social media handles and websites.

Finally, Ulta Salon might have a brief difference within their return policies but understanding it properly doesn’t pose any problem especially if you read through this manual properly.

Always communicate with customer care about any aspect of the return policy you aren’t sure about and get clarifications.

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