Home Depot Return Policy: Rules For Opened Items

Home Depot is well known for its expertise in home and office supplies and decorations. You would hardly find a brand that accepts open items, but Home Depot isn’t one of them. these are some of the attractive factors why customers keep visiting.

home depot return policy

To further explore this brand’s individual policies, let us discuss the Home Depot return policy for opened items and the best way to make a successful return even if you’ve opened or slightly used the product.

Home Depot Return Policy for Opened Items

Home Depot will accept your return of an opened item if you return it within the 3 months of purchase.

But the condition for this return is that it must remain new and maintain its original package.

Your receipt is also very important for returns purposes as well as the boxing seal that comes with the packaged item in a box. These have to be presented during returns to make it successful.

Policy for Item Returns Without Receipt

Hope Depot will accept your return but you need to always make your receipt readily available to avoid excess stress during returns.

They will have to spot your receipt in their system and through that help you continue with the process.

1 month’s return time is allowed for customers who paid using a credit, debit card, or cheque and afterward, your item return won’t be accepted.

Customers who paid using any of the Home Depot personalized platforms enjoy up to 1 year of return time.

What Happens to Item Returned After 3 Months?

For payment methods of cards and cheques, returning items after 90 days are not accepted except for a few items that have an additional 90 days.

If you paid using any of the Home Depot platforms (Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge, or  Home Depot Commercial Account), you have a year to make returns.

Home Depot Return Policy for Used and New Appliances

home depot return policy

This policy applies to home appliances like refrigerators, dryers, and many more items of such that you buy from Home Depot.

A 2-day return time is allowed for such items, therefore, you have to be observant to make these returns early enough.

If you notice any fault or damage at the store, during delivery, or after the delivery men have gone, quickly call Home Depot customer care to tender a report and quickly process returns before it gets late.

Recommended Item Return Methods to Home Depot

You are at liberty to choose between in-store or online return process. Though the earlier is much easier than the later.

In-store returns accept all items except non-returnable items to the store whether you bought them online or in-store, while not all items ordered through mailing can be returned through the mailing process. For instance, flammable items.

The online process requires you to ship items with damages or faults back to Home Depot using a return label through UPS delivery if you can’t process the shipping yourself.

Items shopped at Home Depot Design Center have to be returned to the same store and not just any Home Depot store.

Home Depot Shipping Charges

According to Home Depot, if your item is over $45, you will enjoy free shipping back to Home Depot.

This is just a way to encourage Home Depot customers who prefer shopping online and also help them with quantity item shopping but some conditions may apply. Therefore you should contact customer care to understand better.

Are there Exceptional Return Times?

While the general return time is 3 months, you should also enquire from customer care to know the exact return time of the item you bought.

This return time is not characterized by the payment method or membership but rather by the item. This is why return times are not fixed, it could vary by item, payment method, or category.

Items like Mattress, Generators, Furniture, and others on the list are limited to 30 days return time, unlike appliances that have just 2 days return time.

Does Home Depot Charge for Restocking?

home depot return policy

At Home Depot, you will only be charged for restocking if your returned item is under Special Order or item cancellations.

The restocking fee isn’t much, 15% is the charged amount for these specific items. This is to help customers understand the importance of taking such items off the shelf.

Finally, returning an opened item to Home Depot isn’t a problem. They accept opened and neatly used items provided you give reasons why you want to return them. But you have to make sure to return the item with the receipt, original packaging, and seal.

It might be also accepted without a few of these items but the verification process might take a lot of time before the return process can continue. It’s best you have these items handy before visiting any store or shipping it back.

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