Harbor Freight Return Policy: Rules For Return After 90 Days

Most Harbor Freight deliveries arrive in perfect condition but damages could be incurred in transit. Don’t hesitate to return it under the Harbor Freight return policy if an item is delivered to you with a fault.

harbor freight return policy

Further hesitation could be detrimental especially, after 90 days. Their policies are quite strict, so be careful. Learn about the Habour Freight return policy for successful returns and avoid their consequences.

Habour Freight Return Policy after 90 Days

You can only exchange the returned item after 90 days if the item you are returning is still covered by the warranty. You can’t get a cash refund though.

Your receipt is one basic criterion for you to return an item after the 3 months, also return the item in a marketable condition and all accessories accompanied by the item including boxes and seals should be presented during return.

Despite how strict it might sound, in-store mostly favor customers who can bargain well. Therefore, we recommend in-store return rather than shipping it back, you might get a cash refund.

Are Used Items Accept at Habour Freight?

You can return used and even opened items to Habour Freight within the 3-month return time. They will accept them back if they are in good and marketable condition.

While preparing for returns, you will visit or ship it with the relevant receipt or confirmation slip if you bought it online.

For in-store returns, visit with your receipt and let customer care take you through the process for item returns according to Habour Freight standards.

Item Returns Without Receipt

You might be stuck with that item because Habour Freight requests proof of payment, receipt, or confirmation slips when returning an item.

If you will be considered at all, then don’t expect a complete refund except if you are tagging along with the item warranty where you will only be allowed to make an exchange but not a refund and this is only possible in-store.

How Do I Qualify for a Refund From Habour Freight

You will only qualify for a cash refund when returning to Habour Freight if you meet the standards for item returns. You will get a refund on your preferred method of payment even cash if you wish.

To qualify for a refund, you will have to return items within 90 days or 3 months, present any proof of payment, whether used or not, return them in a marketable condition, and return all accessories of the item.

What is Habour Freight Exchange Policy?

harbor freight return policy

The exchange policy is quite accommodating based on time if the item you’re returning is still under warranty time. You will get an exchange for it even if you’ve passed the due return time.

But if your item isn’t under any warranty, you will have to provide a receipt during returns and this must happen within the 3 months of return time. If you meet this standard, you will have the option to choose between a refund and an exchange.

Harbor Freight Return Options

You can either return in-store or online based on your preference though in-store return is better and more convenient.

With or without the original packaging, most in-store returns happen but it must be within the 3 months return time. All you need do is to visit a location store of Habour Freight with the item you want to return and the relevant receipt depending on the method of purchase.

Present all items to customer care and let him in on your mission and he/she will help you start the return process immediately.

The online return starts with a call to customer care of Habour Freight and let him know that you want to make a return.

You should also have your online order number handy and explain your reason for return. then after the process of item return starts.

Are Broken Tools Returnable to Habour Freight?

Broken tools can be returned to Harbor Freight, particularly if the break is attributed to workmanship or materials.

Within 90 days of purchase, any item can be returned to Harbor Freight for any reason, except for a few specified exceptions.

Even after this 90 days, you can request for item exchange for broken tools if they fall under the lifetime warranty, which is applicable to hand tools.

Non-Returnable Items to Habour Freight

harbor freight return policy

For safety reasons, chemicals, gases, and other unsafe or unhygienic items are not returnable to Habour Freight in-store or online.

This area can be a bit confusing but you can get clarified by customer care if you call them at 1-844-416-9141. They will help you understand other items that can’t be returned to the store.

Finally, the Habour Freight customer care will provide clear answers to areas you might have questions or concerns about. But be sure that you meet all the standards for return before initiating one.

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