How Much Does Instacart Cost Per Month?

Depending on your membership option, region, and shopping habits, using Instacart may cost you differently each month. Do you want to know How much Instacart cost Per Month? The convenience it provides, whether you choose Instacart Express or Pay-Per-Order, can often offset the costs involved for users.

How Much Does Instacart Cost

With good reason, Instacart is currently one of the most popular grocery delivery services. It simplifies the strenuous task of grocery shopping.

You can hire a personal shopper to perform all the hard work of searching and couponing for you rather than spending an hour to make sure you use your coupons correctly, and then bringing all your groceries home.

You have a variety of delivery alternatives to pick from rather than finding yourself carrying everything yourself.

What Is an Instacart Express?

Instacart Express is a subscription membership alternative for customers.

Customers can enjoy lower service costs, free delivery on purchases over $35, and access to additional specials and advantages with Instacart Express.

Instacart Express subscriptions are available on a monthly or annual basis. If you choose a yearly subscription, the cost is $99 each year.

If you choose a monthly subscription, the cost is $9.99. That Instacart Express offers free delivery on all purchases above $35 is its biggest bonus. Each delivery order would cost at least $3.99 if you didn’t have the membership.

How Much Does Instacart Cost?

The majority of Instacart purchases include a delivery cost of $3.99 plus tip, as well as a variety of service fees and item up charges at many stores. 

During periods of high shopping volume, Instacart delivery charges are known to surpass $10 per item.

Therefore, signing up for Instacart Express in 2023 can result in discounts for frequent consumers. 

Of course, these prices, as well as Instacart’s item up charges and tipping customs, need to be investigated in additional detail.

How Much Does Instacart Cost Per Month?

The cost of an Instacart Express subscription-based membership is $99 per year, or $8.25 per month if you pay on a monthly basis.

Even if you shop from many stores, the membership allows you to free delivery on orders of $35 or more.

Orders for delivery and pickup must still meet a minimum requirement of $35 and $10, respectively. Some stores will also raise the pickup minimum to $35. 

However, the membership pays for itself if you use Instacart over three times each month. If your family performs one large grocery shop every week and you have an Express membership, you can additionally buy one or two extra little batches of items.

How Does Instacart Work?

Instacart assigns a “personal shopper” to complete and deliver your order to your location the same day after you make a purchase.

The firm, unlike other supermarket delivery services, does not keep fresh food stocked in a warehouse. Instead, they collaborate with large supermarkets and do their shopping there. 

Over 300 shops, including Kroger, Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, and even Best Buy, accept online orders from customers.

You make your selections at the store(s) of your choosing online or through their app, and an order is subsequently forwarded to an Instacart part-time employee.

The personal shopper makes the trip to the store, purchases everything on your list, and then transports everything in their own car to your house.

Instacart Charges and Fees

The costs associated with Instacart orders vary based on your membership and the time/location of your order. Let us discover the various charges and fees associated with using Instacart.

1. Delivery Fees

 The delivery fee is one of the primary charges when using Instacart. It varies depending on factors like your location, the retailer you choose, and the delivery time.

Some areas may offer free delivery on certain orders, while others might have higher fees, especially for rush or same-day deliveries.

2. Service Fees

 Instacart typically charges a service fee of approximately 5% of your order total. This fee helps support the platform and its services.

It’s important to note that this fee is not a tip for your shopper.

3. Tip for Your Shopper

While tipping is not mandatory, it’s a common practice to show appreciation for the shopper who picks and packs your groceries.

The tip amount is customizable, and it’s a way to thank your shopper for their effort and service.

4. Instacart Express Subscription

For those who use Instacart frequently, the Instacart Express subscription is available at a cost of $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

With this subscription, you can enjoy unlimited free deliveries on orders over $35. It’s an excellent option if you use Instacart regularly and want to save on delivery fees.

5. Retailer Prices

The prices of items you purchase through Instacart may vary from the in-store prices.

Retailers on Instacart may have their pricing structure, and these prices can sometimes be slightly higher than what you’d find in the physical store. This difference helps cover the costs associated with the service.

6. Promotions and Discounts

Instacart frequently has sales and provides discounts on a range of goods. You can reduce the cost of your shopping orders by keeping an eye out for these specials.

7. Taxes

Depending on your location, your order may be subject to sales tax. The amount of tax can vary, so it’s essential to review your order details for transparency on this cost.

Consider all these charges and fees when using Instacart to make informed decisions about your grocery shopping.

Keep in mind that while there are costs associated with the service, many users find the convenience and time savings well worth it.

Benefits of Instacart Express

The advantages of Instacart Express include free delivery for orders over $35, lower service costs, a 5% credit back guarantee for qualified pickup orders, and access to additional special offers. Let us look at the benefits of Instacart Express in the following section.

1. Unlimited Free Deliveries

One of the most significant advantages of Instacart Express is that it provides subscribers with unlimited free deliveries on eligible orders over $35.

As a result of this, you can make as many grocery orders as you want without worrying about paying more for delivery.

2. Reduced Service Fees

Instacart Express subscribers enjoy lower service fees compared to Pay-Per-Order users. This cost-saving feature is appealing to frequent shoppers who want to minimize their expenses.

3. Faster Delivery Options

You could have access to faster delivery alternatives with Instacart Express. When you need goods quickly, such as making orders during last-minute dinner preparation or unforeseen activities, faster delivery options can be extremely useful.

4. Priority Shopper Assignments

Subscribers frequently get the first chance on shopper assignments. This increases the probability that your order will be swiftly picked up and processed, which will speed up the delivery.

5. Exclusive Promotions

Members of Instacart Express occasionally receive special deals and discounts from Instacart. You can save more money on your supermarket purchases because of these offers.

6. 14-Day Free Trial

For new members, Instacart Express provides a 14-day free trial. You can make use of the subscription’s advantages during this trial period without immediately committing to a long-term plan.

7. Monthly or Annual Subscription

You can choose between a monthly subscription at $9.99 per month or an annual subscription at $99 per year.

The annual subscription provides cost savings for those who plan to use Instacart Express consistently throughout the year.

It is important to keep in mind that Instacart isn’t intended to help you save money when it comes to prices.

Instead, its goal is to save you time, so you’ll probably wind up paying more than you would if you went food shopping independently.

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