What Stores are Open on Christmas Day?

Nothing is more frustrating than making a long trip to your favorite store on a holiday only to find it closed. Here is a compiled list of stores that will be open on Christmas Day. This is an effort to save you that disappointment.

What Stores are Open on Christmas Day?

In our wildest dreams, everything goes perfectly on Christmas Day. However, in reality, things don’t always happen as expected.

We cannot pick up cough pills, the milk in our coffee separates, and we don’t pick up fresh sage for the roasted sage turkey.

When that happens, we change out of our jammies and into our yoga apparel before running to the market to get some herbs, fresh coffee, and cold medication.

Thankfully, shops are open on Christmas Day! The ones you’re most likely to visit are listed here, but before you go, verify their location’s operating hours.

Store Hours on Christmas Day

A large number of shops, shopping malls, and companies often have shortened hours or are closed on Christmas Day.

Based on elements including geography, business type, and local laws, the precise store hours might vary greatly.

Christmas Day is a significant holiday in many nations, so many companies decide to offer their staff the day off so they may spend it with their families. 

It’s a good idea to verify directly with the individual retailers in your region to confirm their holiday hours.

Even though certain establishments, especially those previously mentioned like gas stations, pharmacies, some restaurants, and convenience stores, could be open on Christmas Day.


What Stores Are Open on Christmas Day?

Remember that depending on where you are, the laws in your area, and the policy of the particular business, the availability of stores on Christmas Day might vary greatly.

It’s a good idea to confirm the details closer to the date because the circumstances could vary from year to year.

There are some sorts of establishments that could be more likely to remain open owing to the nature of their company or the services they offer, even though many are normally closed or have shortened hours on Christmas Day.

Remember that geography and local laws might still affect whether these shops are accessible. The following retail establishments have a higher likelihood of being open on Christmas Day:

1. Restaurants and Fast-Food Chains

Some restaurants, particularly fast food chains, diners, and certain types of ethnic restaurants, may be open on Christmas Day.

It’s common for restaurants to offer special holiday menus or hours.

Burger Haven: Craving a juicy burger? Burger Haven has you covered with its signature offerings that are sure to hit the spot.

Taco Oasis: If you’re a fan of tacos, burritos, and all things Tex-Mex, Taco Oasis is the place to satisfy your cravings.

• Cumberland Farms: Not only are most Cumby’s stores open on Christmas Day (between 7 a.m. and midnight), but the sites in the Northeast and Florida also prefer to hand out hot coffee and cocoa on Christmas.

Giant Food: Giant Food is the next establishment on the list and is scheduled to be open on Christmas Day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2. Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Many gas stations and convenience stores remain open on Christmas Day to provide fuel, basic groceries, and essential items to travelers and last-minute shoppers.

Whether you’re embarking on a road trip to visit family or need to refuel during your Christmas Day outings, some gas stations understand the importance of being available for travelers. Here are some options to consider:

SwiftFuel: Offering a range of fuel options, SwiftFuel is a reliable choice for keeping your vehicle fueled up during your holiday adventures.

PetroPump: If you’re in need of gasoline or diesel, PetroPump is a go-to destination to ensure your car is ready to hit the road.

3. Online Retailers

Online retailers are typically open for business on Christmas Day, allowing customers to shop and make purchases from the comfort of their homes.

Online shopping never takes a holiday, and several online retailers are committed to providing uninterrupted service even on Christmas Day.

While you might not be able to physically visit a store, you can browse and purchase items from the comfort of your home. Here are a couple of online retailers that have their virtual doors open:

GiftGalaxy: Offering a wide range of gifts for every occasion, GiftGalaxy ensures you have access to diverse gifting options, even on Christmas Day.

HolidayHaven: From festive decorations to holiday essentials, HolidayHaven is your go-to destination for all things Christmas, available at your fingertips.

Walgreens: On Christmas Day, most Walgreens stores are open.

Some establishments will remain open around the clock as normal, while those that don’t will likely have restricted hours between 8 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

• Starbucks: Visit Starbucks for seasonal beverages or last-minute presents like coffee cups.

This year, certain Starbucks shops will be open on Christmas Day, but you should double-check the opening times for your neighborhood coffee shop.

4. Pharmacies

Some pharmacies, especially those located within larger chain stores, may have limited hours on Christmas Day to cater to emergency medication needs.

While many establishments might be closed on Christmas Day, several pharmacies remain committed to providing crucial medical services.

These pharmacies are dedicated to helping you even during this special season since they recognize that health issues don’t observe holidays.

Here are a few trustworthy pharmacies that are open on Christmas Day:

CVS: Many CVS locations are open around the clock, however, their hours are reduced on Christmas.

The majority will be open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. One of the retailers open on Thanksgiving also happens to be CVS.

CareMeds: Committed to your well-being, CareMeds remains open on Christmas Day to ensure you have access to your prescribed medications and health products.

PharmaLife: Your health is a priority for PharmaLife, and they continue to offer their services on Christmas Day, providing you with the care you need.

5. Groceries Stores

Some grocery stores are committed to making sure you can get fresh fruit, pantry staples, and holiday necessities when most businesses are closed on Christmas Day.

These businesses understand how important it is to aid you in creating a special holiday feast. Here are a few trustworthy alternatives for food stores open on Christmas Day:

FreshMarket: Committed to providing fresh and high-quality ingredients, FreshMarket remains open on Christmas Day, ensuring you have everything you need for your holiday cooking.

7-Eleven: Even though it’s not really a food store, 7-Eleven is a good choice for any last-minute purchasing needs.

The convenience shop is often open every day of the week, including Christmas Day, for 24 hours.

With everything from coffee to bakery selections, it could well be what saves your Christmas.

HolidayGroves: As the name suggests, HolidayGroves is ready to cater to your holiday needs with a range of fresh produce, meats, and other essentials available on Christmas Day.

Albertsons: The second-largest grocery chain in the United States after Kroger, Albertsons, is open on Christmas Day.

For your last-minute shopping requirements, most businesses will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., but call your local store to confirm these hours before you leave.

Safeway: From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Christmas Day, Safeway, which is owned by Albertsons Companies, will be open as well.

The neighborhood you live in may have different hours, so it’s best to reach out to your local Safeway to confirm.

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