CVS Return Policy: Practical Way to Return Items

Since CVS Pharmacy sells so many different things one can find, their return policy can be confusing. From food to prescription & non-prescription drugs to a portly of household goods it can be VERY overwhelming trying to figure out what can be returned and what you’re stuck with.

What is CVS Return Time Frame?

With CVS returns or exchanges, you’ve got up to 60 days from the date of purchase to make up your mind. This is for most non-prescription products and tends to leave a good enough gap for you to take into consideration any efficacy in your purchase.

It would be noted that the refund process usually puts back the money into your original form of payment thereby making the whole transaction smooth for you.

This policy gives you a reasonable time frame in which you can make changes and swap items, providing much-needed flexibility and peace of mind during your CVS shopping.

How to Return Items to CVS Via In-store

You may return non-prescribed items purchased at CVS Pharmacy or CVS.com to any CVS Pharmacy store for exchange or refund. CVS’s return policy will mandate a customer to have a valid photo ID with the receipt for return or exchange.

The item should be new, unopened, and undamaged. Make sure you also have the original receipt. Without all boxes being ticked by this, maybe you would not be able to return or exchange an item.

If you return the item and provide its original receipt, you may be given a refund or store credit (in the amount in which you purchased the item.

How to Return Items to CVS Via Mail

If you purchased any non-prescription item (that’s eligible for return or exchange) from CVS.com, you may as well return the same by mail within 60 days from the date of purchase.

Before that, first, call CVS’s customer care at 1-888-607-4CVS (1-888-607-4287) before returning via mail. This is to guide you on the process of mail return comprehensively thus avoiding later confusion.

Items That Cannot Be Returned at CVS

Below are some items that cannot be returned to CVS:

1. Gift cards

2. Prepaid cards

3. Phone cards

4. Some healthcare items

5. Personal care products

6. Prescriptions bought online

7. Special-order items

CVS Return Policy Without Receipt

CVS wants you to keep your receipt VERY IMPORTANT for quick and easy return. If you don’t have the receipt you STILL have options. Namely, unopened items are eligible for exact exchange or store credit.

Come prepared with your valid picture I.D., as CVS records your “receipt-less” returns and will decide, or decipher, that you are abusing their policy, thus disallowing future returns.

When making returns without a receipt you will get the lowest advertised price of that item during the past 60 days.

CVS Exchange Policy

You’ve got a 60-day window to swap stuff around. They might throw some shade at an exchange request if the item is beaten up, pre-loved, or you forgot to bring the receipt to the party. But hey, no worries – you can still snag an exchange without it.

Hold up, though. Prepaid cards, phone cards, and gift cards are the no-go zone for exchanges. Hit up the CVS store if you need to switch things up for products you snagged from CVS.com. Keep it in the 60-day groove, and the exchange dance goes down in-store.

If you need some backup, give the “customer service department” a shout – they’ve got your back.

CVS Return Policy For Pharmacy Product

All CVS Pharmacy Brand products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee promise

Whether you’ve cracked it open or it’s still sealed up, you can bring it back, no sweat, and we’ll hand you a FULL refund. Seriously, no need to spill the details – it’s a no-questions-asked deal.

Oh, and don’t forget your receipt – it’s like the golden ticket to this refund party.

If the whole in-person thing doesn’t work for you, we’ve got your back with a mail-in return. Just give us a ring at 1-888-607-4CVS, and we’ll walk you through the steps.

Now, for the rest of our non-prescription pharmacy items, same deal – 60 days to make up your mind, but they’ve got to stay sealed up if you want to hit the return button. We’re all about making it easy for you!


CVS’s return policy is just like any other store’s – pretty standard. They’re cool with most returns, but there are a few things they won’t take back, and they’ve got the right to say no if your return doesn’t check all their boxes.

When you want to return something, grab the item and your receipt, and head to the store. A friendly face at customer service will walk you through the process.

Once you’ve done the return tango, CVS gives you two choices: a refund or store credit. Quick heads up, though – cash refunds aren’t on the table.

Knowing the ins and outs of CVS’s return policy lets you be the captain of your shopping ship, making smart choices and using that return policy when life throws a curveball.

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