Dillards Return Policy: Everything You Need to Know

Before you start to shop at Dillard’s, let’s talk about their return policy. It’s got its quirks, just so you know. You do get a 30-day window for returns, but there’s a handful of items that won’t budge, even if you’re still rocking that 30-day grace period.

Dillards Return Policy

What is Dillard’s Refund Policy?

Whether you decide to do the return tango in-store or opt for the mail-in route, Dillard’s will send the refund back to your original payment method. If you’re feeling a bit more flexible, they’re also cool with hooking you up with a store or merchandise credit for that sweet refund vibe.

Now, if you threw down a check for your purchase, hold tight for the next 10 days, and you’ll be swimming in a cash or check refund.

Just a heads-up, the return refund doesn’t foot the bill for shipping fees, duties, and taxes – they’re like the wallflowers at the refund party. And if you’re in the PayPal gang, the refund groove is a store credit beat, usually jamming within 7-10 days.

How To Return Products to Dillard’s?

Below are the ways you can use to return items at Dillard:

1. Online Store Returns 

If you’re looking to send some online shopping love back to Dillards.com, head over to your orders list and give a shout-out to the product that’s making a U-turn. Slap on Dillard’s Return Label or pick another delivery dance partner – it’s your call.

Oh, and don’t forget the golden ticket: keep those original labels or grab the proof of purchase labels and give your return wings within 30 days of the purchase bash.

2. In-store Returns 

Feel like giving the product a one-way ticket back to Dillard’s? Swing by the nearest store within 30 days of your purchase fiesta.

Just make sure your product is still rocking the return eligibility vibes and, of course, bring along that trusty purchase receipt.


Dillard’s Refund Policy Without Receipt

Hold onto that receipt like it’s the key if you’re planning a product return. If you snagged it online, no sweat – just a few clicks on the website, and your receipt is ready for action.

Now, when it comes to returning gifts, the magic lies in store credit, not cold hard cash refunds. Keep the credit vibes flowing!

What is the Policy For International Returns?

If you’re navigating the international return scene, drop a message at [email protected] or give them a ring at 817-831-5482. Their awesome team will guide you on where to ship your returns and spill the beans on the refund amount.

When it comes to refunds, expect Borderfree to deliver the goods in the same currency and exchange rate as your original order – it’s like keeping things in the same cool rhythm.

Oh, by the way, international orders won’t be getting the store credit or exchange invite.

Items You Can’t Return at Dillard?

1. Clearance items marked down 65% or more. (Consider this when you’re shopping their sale section.)

2. Sale items that had an additional discount applied. (For example, you couldn’t return a shirt that was marked down 30% plus an additional 15% for a limited time. Dillard’s says nope, sorry.)

3. Any personalized merchandise.

4. Anything that’s damaged or defective. Be sure to check your items before buying them if you’re in the store, and inspect your online orders as soon as possible.

What’s Dillard’s Exchange Policy?

Swapping a product follows the same rules as giving it a return ticket. Opting for an in-store exchange is a breeze – just pop over to the nearest store and make the switcharoo happen.

Now, if the exchange wish list item is playing hard to get, no worries. You’ll either score a refund or get the backstage pass-to-store credit.

Sad news for international shoppers, though – the exchange party is a no-go for items jet-setting across borders. Store credit isn’t on the table either. It’s a one-way street for those global goodies!

What are Dillard’s Product Return Conditions?

Just a heads-up, Dillard’s welcomes back products with open arms, but only if they’re still in their unwashed and unworn glory. Keep those original tags attached, though – they’re like the VIP pass for returns.

Now, for swimsuits rocking a hygiene seal, it’s a return high-five only if that seal is still in its original, unbroken state. And shoes? They’re making a comeback in their original packaging, so don’t forget to bring the shoebox to the return party!

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