Best Place to Buy Tires Online

To ensure the performance and safety of your vehicle, it is very important to select good tires and to get good quality tires, you would have to buy from the right place. This is why we’ve created this article to help you locate the best place to get quality tires online.

Best Place To Buy Tires

If you have to make any purchases for your vehicle, it is nearly always an expensive task. Finding the best place to buy tires can be tricky.

Sometimes you need to change them immediately due to damage. This guide will highlight the best options and other factors to consider while buying tires online.

What are the Best Places to Buy Tires?

There are various trustworthy online options when you are searching for tires to buy. Below are some of the best places to buy tires online.

1. Tire Rack

Tire Rack has teamed up with an organization of independent installers that accept and fit mail orders from customers and let them select from nine warehouses spread across eight states and 24 different tire manufacturers.

Tire Rack has a user-friendly website that has straightforward search options with superior criteria for searching. The only restriction is that only unused tires can be returned within the first 30 days.

2. Ali Express

Ali Express is a China-based online store that sells different items, which include electronics, and apparel. They also sell wheels, tires, and vehicle parts.  Ali Express provides low-priced and high-quality tires with worldwide shipping.

Most of the suppliers trading on AliExpress offer free shipping. The moment your order has been shipped, Ali Express will send you the tracking number that will make it possible for you to monitor your shipment’s progress.

3. Discount Tire (

Discount Tire offers a wide range of tire brands, models, and sizes to suit various vehicles and driving preferences. Whether you need all-season, summer, winter, or specialized tires, you will find different options to choose from.

You can often find excellent deals on tires, which will ensure that you get the best value for your money. Discount Tire does not only sell tires; they also offer a range of tire-related services. This includes tire installation, tire rotation, balancing, and flat tire repair.

4. Amazon

The largest and most reliable online retailer in the world carries practically all you needs including tires. Amazon provides products from almost every tire manufacturer you can imagine.

You can check out customer reviews on their own platform to find out what other customers have to say about the tires you want to buy. Amazon sells tires at a considerable discount because there are no delivery fees and upfront storage expenses.

5. Tire Buyer

Tire Buyer is known for its user-friendly website and extensive inventory of tires. They offer free shipping to a local installer, making the installation process easy and smooth.

With 140 warehouses, 800 delivery vans, and the help of more than 9000 tire shops around the country, Tire Buyer can offer free delivery, guaranteed installation costs, and a 45-day return period.

6. Walmart

Walmart is a large superstore that has more than 2400 stores and is a great spot to buy tires. They offer minor services like oil changes and lube services in addition to selling many of the top tire brands.

When purchasing tires online from Walmart, the ‘Shop Tires’ option helps you find the tires that are most compatible with your car or truck. The shipping of the tires, however, takes between 7 and 10 days, and the cost of the tires always changes.

7. Tire Easy

Tire Easy offers a wide range of tire options, including different brands, sizes, and types. You can find different variety of tire selections to suit your vehicle, whether you’re looking for a special tire.

The Tire Easy website is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to search and find the right tires for your vehicle. You can search by specifying your vehicle type and model or by providing tire size details. It is a trusted and customer-centric online platform for buying tires.

8. Goodyear

Goodyear is one of the best-known tire brands. The Goodyear online store has sold tires and other auto-related products for over a century. Goodyear is a great option if you require more expensive or high-performance tires. The tire giant has over 4,000 nationwide retail stores.

You can purchase your desired choice of tires online and have them shipped to your home. Goodyear can send your new tires for free to one of their online stores if you would prefer an expert to set them up on your vehicle.

9. Ebay

EBay is a well-known and widely used e-commerce platform where you can buy and sell a vast array of products, including tires. They offer a diverse selection of tires, both new and used, from various sellers. You can find a different range of brands, sizes, and types that will suit your vehicle.

Due to the nature of eBay’s marketplace, you can usually find competitive prices on tires. When buying new tires on eBay, be sure to review the warranty information provided by the seller. This will vary depending on the brand and seller.

Tips to Consider When Buying Tires Online

To make a smart and affordable decision to buy tires online, always make sure you get the best tires for your vehicle.

Below are some very important tips to consider when buying tires from an online marketplace.

1. Know the Size of Your Tire

Before you shop, it is important to know your vehicle’s tire size. You can find this information in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or on the sidewall of your current tires.

The tire size typically includes numbers showing the width, approximate ratio, and rim diameter. An example is 225/60R16.

2. Know Your Tire Type

Always know the type of tires you need based on your driving conditions. Choose the type that best suits your weather and driving habits.

Summer tires are designed for optimal performance in warm weather. They offer excellent grip on dry roads and in wet conditions. However, they are not suitable for snowy or icy roads.

3. Set a Budget

Determine how much you will spend on your tires. Consider not only the cost of the tires themselves but also any additional fees for shipping, installation, and disposal of old tires.

Before beginning your online tire search, establish a defined spending limit so that you may focus your selections and pick choices that are in keeping with your financial objectives.

4. Do research on Tire Brands and Models

Research different tire brands and models to find the one that best suits your vehicle’s requirements. Look for tires with good reviews and a reputation for durability and safety.

By conducting thorough research on tire brands and models, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your vehicle, driving conditions, and preferences.

5. Read Customer Reviews

Take advantage of customer reviews and ratings on the online store’s website or any other trusted review platform. Real-world experiences can provide valuable insights into tire performance and longevity.

Reading customer reviews is an invaluable part of the tire research process. It allows you to tap into the collective experiences of other drivers, helping you select tires that align with your specific driving needs and expectations.

6. Check Warranty Information

Always review the warranty information provided by the tire manufacturer and the online retailer. Understand the warranty terms, including coverage for defects and tread wear. A good warranty can provide you with peace of mind.

It is advisable to retain all warranty documentation, including the warranty card and purchase receipt, as they may be required when filing a claim.

7. Compare Prices and Deals

Another important tip to consider when buying a new tire online is to compare prices for the same tires across multiple online retailers.

You can also look out for promotions, discounts, and special offers, which can help you save money.

8. Shipping Options

Check the shipping options available and the estimated delivery times. Some online tire retailers offer free or expedited shipping. Ensure that the delivery method matches your needs.

Carefully review the shipping information provided by the online retailer before finalizing your order to ensure a smooth and easy delivery experience.

9. Review Return Policies

Read and understand the return policy of the online retailer. It is essential to know the terms and conditions for returning tires if they don’t fit or if there are issues with your purchase.

Many return policies have time limits within which you can initiate a return or exchange. Knowing these limits ensures you don’t miss the opportunity to address any concerns.

10. Inspect Upon Arrival

When your tires arrive, inspect them for any visible damage or defects. Contact the seller or retailer immediately if you notice any issues.

Promptly reporting any issues with the delivered tires gives you a better chance of resolving the problem efficiently, whether it involves returning the tires, getting replacements, or seeking repairs.

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