Autozone Return Policy

AutoZone Return Policy: Proven Tips to No-Receipt Returns

Are you dissatisfied with the items you purchased at Autozone? Don’t get worked up over it, we have revealed proven tips on this article that will educate you more on the Autozone return policy to help you make a stress-free return.

Overview Of Autozone Return Policy

Overview of AutoZone Return Policy

Autozone return policy allows shoppers a period of 90 days from the day of purchase to make a return for items they purchased online or in-store.

The policy maintains that in order for shoppers to receive a refund, they must return items in their original conditions and packaging and must also provide original purchase receipts.

How To Make Returns

Shoppers should know that there is Autozone return policy for both online and instore purchases. They can follow the steps below to initiate a return;

How To Return In-Store Items

Items purchased In-store can be returned in Autozone store within the 90 days window.

Customers must ensure that returned items must be in their original conditions and they must tender their purchase receipt.

It is best advised to drain all fluids from the items before returning them. Also, take with you the credit card used to purchase the item and the store will credit you immediately the same value of the returned item.

Autozone usually requests for a valid government-issued photo ID for all returns to be recorded at the time customers come to the store to make a return. The following IDs are accepted for returns at Autozone;

1) U.S. or Canadian Driver’s License

2) U.S. State ID

3) U.S. Military ID

4) Mexican Voter Registration Card

5) U.S. Laser Visa

6) Passport

7) Canadian Province ID

How To Process Online Returns

Customers who purchase their items online can return them in one of the following ways;

Return to Autozone store

Return To Autozone Store

If you intend to return an item you purchased online to an Autozone store, follow these steps below;

1) Ensure to drain all fluids from the items you want to return.

2) Package the items in their original condition.

3) Take The items to the nearest Autozone store along with your purchase receipt.

Cost of shipment will be refunded to you if Autozone made a shipping mistake or if they shipped a defective item.

Returns To’s Fulfillment Center

Take these simple procedures to return all products purchased online by mail;

1)  First of all, drain all the fluids from the items, if any.

2) Then fill out the Return Form. Find this on the Section B of your shipping invoice.

3) Package the items in their original packaging and include the return form you filled.

4) Wrap the return shipping label with a tape on the outside of the package and ship it.

In cases where AutoZone made a shipping error or delivered a defective item, here’s your to-do list about the shipping charges for your return if you are shipping from the United States;

Engage their customer service support on calls via 800-288-6966 to request a return shipping label. 

Once you receive the shipping label, you can then follow the standard return procedure.

However, if you are shipping from overseas or US territory, ship the items back using the cheapest means available to you, and include a copy of the receipt for the shipping cost.

As soon as Autozone receives your shipment, they will process your return and reimburse your shipping charges as a check.

Exceptions To The Rule

It is advised that customers should have it in mind that not all items can be returned to Autozone, they include;

1) Gift cards.

2)  Customized products like floor mats with logos or trims.

3) All items marked as final sales cannot be returned to Autozone.

AutoZone Return Policy Without Receipt

In some occasions where customers misplace their receipts and wonder if they can still return items that are not satisfactory to them, Autozone has made provisions for such customers to initiate a return through the steps below;

Customers will need to contact AutoZone’s customer service support at 800-288-6966.

They will provide you with the transaction information for the order you wish to return, which you will need to include with your return.

It is of paramount importance that the returned items must be in their original condition and packaging to be eligible for a return.

You will need to provide a government-issued ID to receive a refund. Once you meet all these requirements, you may be eligible for a refund or store credit.

Returning Core Products

Returning Core Products

These are products that do not have a receipt or proof of purchase and customers can still be able to return them using the standard return procedures for online or instore as long as they pass Autozone inspection.

If these items fail the inspection process, AutoZone will send the core back to you and withhold your refund.

Core parts are best advised to be free of all flammable and hazardous fluids before shipping them back for a return. 

This means customers will have to drain all fluids on these items.

Returning Batteries

Batteries contain fluid and may not be accepted in some stores because of that. 

However, Autozone accepts battery returns if they are unopened and in their original condition.

AutoZone will also take back a faulty car battery within the warranty period, even if you already installed it in your vehicle.

Autozone Return Policy Opened Package

Autozone return policy for opened products allows customers to return opened items that are unused, provided that it is still in its original condition and packaging intact.

Also, depending on the product, customers can return an opened product that is defective within the warranty period.

Tips For A Smooth Return

Customers should familiarize themselves with Autozone return policy guidelines, they are advised to take these proactive steps to ensure the return process is a smooth one;

1) Keep the Original Packaging

2) Double-Check the Receipt

3) Empty all fluids on the products

4) Clean oil and grease that stained the products

5) Contact Customer Service

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