Sephora Return Policy: Everything You Should Know

Sometimes Sephora’s return policy can be tricky, it is important that you get all the necessary information before returning an item. We can help you with this as we have an understanding of how their return policy works.

Sephora Return Policy: Practical Steps to Return Items

Sephora products should rarely cause reactions because they’re produced by a team of expert cosmetologists. What if you made the wrong tone, lipstick, make-up, or other cosmetic product selection that gives you reactions?

You can identify with them through their customer care personnel for a swap, exchange, or refund if you so wish. But, you need to follow the right procedures.

How Long Is The Sephora Return Policy?

Sephora’s return policy extends to 60 days after purchase, while a part of that clause encourages customers to make a hasty return within the next 30 days to get a complete refund following the same transaction process.

And if you start return processes between the 31st and 60th day, you won’t get the refund in cash or through the same mode of payment when buying.

You will either be credited to your Sephora account to enable further transactions or get store credits

The Best time to Make Returns to Sephora

The first 30 days after buying a product is the best time a Sephora customer should quickly process and make returns. Don’t attempt to make a return down into the second month.

This is because, within the first 30 days, you are entitled to a full refund following your mode of payment.

After the first 30 days, your refund will be limited to store credits and online credit for subsequent purchases.

Common Reasons for Sephora Rejecting Returns

Some customers abuse the item return privilege that Sephora gives to customers, therefore if they reject your return, access yourself and the product you returned properly.

Sephora has specific rules and guidelines that examine all customer’s returned products and they could refuse your return if you fail to abide by any of these rules:

1. Returning overused products

2. Having a track record of frequently returning items

3. Returning other store items to Sephora

4. Any product damaged by the customer

5. Items without Sephora customized slip

Does Sephora Accept Opened Cosmetic Products?

Sephora Return Policy: Practical Steps to Return Items

Even after reasonably using it a couple of times (2-3 times) and not almost exhausting the content, Sephora will accept it pending your rational explanation.

Therefore, Sephora accepts the return of their used products so long as it abides by the rules and standards of returning a product to Sophora having the timing in mind and the refund methods.

Are Items Return Without Receipt Possible?

Whoever told you Sephora won’t accept a product return because of a missing receipt lied to you. It’s acceptable but having your receipt makes refunding less stressful

Having or not having your receipt won’t determine if a return is possible or not. Obeying the basic guidelines of product return matters the most. Those are the actual reasons why your product would rejected and you won’t get a refund.

Another reason why you should have your receipt is to help you get a cash refund or through the same mode of payment else you will have to accept store credits.

Can I Return An Item Bought Online To A Sephora Store?

Sephora will accept any of their product that you bought online and had it shipped to you return to the store or any of their stores around you and have it swapped, exchanged, or get a refund for it.

But know that in-store-bought items are not to be returned via mailing. It’s not acceptable and won’t be processed. You can only return items bought online through the mailing process.

Sephora Refunds Returned items Promptly

Another reason why you need to hasten up with your return is the refund time. The Sephora refund process takes up to 1 month in most cases and it starts immediately after your returned item is verified and accepted.

Sephora also encourages customers to be in close check with their various financial institutions as they sometimes might be the ones to delay the transaction or refund and credit your account.

How To Make A Return To Sephora

You either return the item to the store or ship it back to them. For in-store, you need to carry the item you bought and visit any of their physical location stores and tell them your intentions.

But for the online or mail return process, you will have to print out the return label which Sephora will send to you through your mail and paste it on the package. Don’t bother paying, it’s free.

Can I Return A Gifted Item?

While other brands don’t accept gift item returns, Sephora does accept and will continue accepting gift returns.

You have up to 60 days to also return these gifted items to any Sephora store around you.

But you shouldn’t expect a cash refund, you will only get store credit that will enable you to shop for other items from Sephora. That is the policy for gifted item returns with Sephora.

How Do I Contact Sephora For A Return?

Sephora Return Policy: Practical Steps to Return Items

The Sephora store representatives are the right people to contact on any issue you face. Dailing their hotline is the first step or you e-mail or chat them up through their social media handles.

They will quickly respond to you and give you directives or guidance on what to do and how best to go about it. You can call them at 1 (877) 737-4672.

Finally, the 60-day return time is viable for item returns at Sephora but the benefits of returning the items within the first 30 days are better.

You also need to know that Sephora doesn’t accept returning in-store purchased items online but vice versa still within the right time and rules and make sure to contact the right authorities to sort assistance and explanations.

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