Overstock Return Policy: Step-by-Step Process For Easy Return

Overstock is cool with returns, but it’s a good idea to start the return process within 30 days of grabbing the item. Keep in mind, though, that some items on Overstock are, unfortunately, not up for returns.

How to Return an Overstock Item

1. First things first, log into your account to kick off the return process – just make sure to do it within 30 days of getting your hands on the item.

2. Once you’re in your account, head to the “Orders & Returns” section. You’ll spot this on your account dashboard, and there you’ll find the item you want to return listed in your recent orders.

3. Click on “Return Item” once you’ve located what you’re sending back. Then, follow the prompts and spill all the details about your return.

4. Hit “Submit Return” when you’re all set. Now, it’s time to print out a label for your package. Just click on “Get Label,” and you’ll get step-by-step instructions on three different ways to snag your return label. Easy peasy!

5. Now, it’s time to get that label sorted for your package. Click on “Get Label,” and you’ll get the lowdown on three ways to snag it.

6. You’ve got options here: “Get Mobile Code,” “Print Label,” or “Email Link.” If you go for the mobile code, no need to worry about printing – just swing by UPS with your package, smartphone, and the barcode they send you. They’ll scan it all for you. If you opt for downloading or an email link, though, you’ll need to print out the label.

Overstock Return Without the Box or Original Package

Most items can find their way back to Overstock even without their original packaging, but there are a few exceptions. Mattresses, for instance, can’t be returned if they’ve been unwrapped unless there’s a defect or some damage.

While you’re not obligated to return items in their original packaging, it’s smart to pick a suitable box when you’re sending stuff back to Overstock. Using a proper box ensures your items don’t get damaged during the return journey, which could affect your chances of getting a full refund.

Do you have questions about packaging or need help figuring out which items can be returned? Just give Customer Care a shout. You can also ring up Overstock’s customer service number for more details on return packaging.

Keep in mind, though, that Overstock doesn’t hand out boxes for returns, so it’s a good idea to hold onto the packaging until you’re sure you won’t be sending anything back. And hey, if you still have the original package, why not use it for a hassle-free return?

What is Overstock Return Time Frame?

If you’re thinking about returning something to Overstock, here’s the deal: try to kick off the return process within 30 days of grabbing the item. After that, they won’t be able to accept the return.

When you’re starting the return, make sure you’ve got that proof of purchase ready – it needs to show when you bought it.

And just a heads-up, once 30 days have rolled by since you made the purchase, Overstock doesn’t take any more returns. Time does fly, doesn’t it?

Does Overstock Give Full Refunds?

Overstock’s got your back with full refunds on returns when there’s a defect in the item. However, if you’re returning something without any defects, the refund might not be the full month.

In that case, you’ll need to handle the return shipping costs to send the item back to Overstock’s Refund Department. They’re all about making sure you’re satisfied, but sometimes it comes with a little shipping responsibility.

How Long Do Overstock Refunds Take?

Getting your refund from Overstock might not happen in the blink of an eye – it takes a bit of time. According to Overstock’s website, you should be ready for it to take up to four weeks.

The timeline for your refund is influenced by a few things. How quickly the item gets back to Overstock plays a part, as does the processing time at your bank or credit union.

Don’t forget the product inspection happening at Overstock’s return spot – that’s in the mix too. So, while it might take a little patience, they’re working on making sure everything is just right for your refund.

Overstock Items That Cannot be Returned

Overstock has a list of items that, unfortunately, can’t be returned, as per their return and refund policy.

This includes a variety of health and beauty goodies, like fragrances, perfumes, skincare products, dental care items, insect repellents, medical supplies, and vitamins/supplements.

Also on the non-returnable list are perishable items like plants and flowers, along with intimate apparel, in cartridges, factory-sealed sports collectibles, and swimwear or designer clothing if the tags or lines have been removed. It’s a bummer, but they’ve got the lowdown on what can’t make the return journey.


When it comes to their return and refund policy, Overstock lands a 3.5 out of 5. They do make reaching out about returns pretty hassle-free, with both phone and chat support available. Tracking your orders and shipments is a breeze too.

Now, the refund game with Overstock is a bit of a mixed bag. While they’re good with refunds on many products, there’s also a fair share of items that can’t be returned – gotta watch out for those.

And speaking of time, customers need to be on the ball since they’ve got a 30-day window to kick off the refund process after making a purchase. It’s like a balancing act, but overall, they’re doing their best to keep things smooth for their customers.

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