Dollar General Return Policy Guidelines

Dollar General has made a name for itself with its unique “dollar for an item” approach, attracting bargain hunters looking for good deals in their stores. Occasionally, the rock-bottom prices come with a trade-off in terms of product quality. If you find yourself unhappy with a purchase from Dollar General and want to return it, here’s the lowdown on their return policy.

Dollar General Return Policy

Dollar General Return Policy Without Receipt

However, if you do not have a proper and legitimate receipt, then as per the return policy implemented by Dollar General you may be still able to return an item but it will in the full discretion of the store manager. 

In processing the return, a store manager might request proper identification such as an app driver’s license. Failing to provide the receipt, though, could result in an order of store credit for refunds.

Dollar General Return Policy on Opened Items

If one opened a product featured at Dollar General and found it inferior then the customer could do an exchange by bringing back the item to Dollar General. Never fail to ensure that the item is in its original state including the packing.

A transaction receipt must have a written proof of basis for getting back money. Where the product has been opened and used but is still found to be defective, there is an opportunity for exchange or credit.

 Please take note that if Dollar General refuses to accept or honor a return, it is because the item has not been returned in its original condition.

Dollar General Return Policy with Debit Card

In case, you have purchased some items through a debit card and then need to return the product, according to Dollar General’s return policy refund will be credited to that particular card. 

This can take up to 10 business days as the process. Even if you don’t have the actual debit card, returning the product will be permissible, within limits in that refunds may be effected in terms of store credit.

In essence, Dollar General is focused on making returning easy for its customers. For an item to be returned, 30 days are allowed from the day of purchase as long as there is proof of purchase such as an original receipt.

 However, in this respect, an interesting point of consideration is the return of money which certainly depends on the method you choose for withholding.

Dollar General Return Policy After 30 Days

As per the return policy of Dollar General, if 30 days have elapsed and there is a need to return an item, the manager at the store has every right to make an acceptance but, all refunds will be provided in-store credits only.

 The item has to have remained in its original condition […] and packaging. As seen, if a product is defective then it may be possible to exchange the same with another one.

Exceptions of Dollar General Return Policy

Not many of the things bought online or in physical locations are returnable, but some items have return rights restrictions. Returned alcohol bottles are taken back to the store in which one bought them.

Dollar General does not admit cigarettes and any other kind of tobacco packs. In the event you damage the product, the return will not take Place.

Dollar General Exchange Process and Timeline

First, Customers can exchange the products bought at their stores around and online. To have a full refund, you must bring the original receipt.

If you do not have your receipt, you can still return the item but will be asked to exchange it with another that has a similar price value A customer can return and exchange tags for another of worth, once a customer item has been refunded; it may be used as an exchange tag to pick any other product.

In the case of dollar general exchange policy, it is limited within a month on purchasing your commodity or item. The gift cards can be used for the exchange of commodities there. 

In case you made the purchase online and the item got damaged or is defective in some way, inform customer service within a short time. You shall be entitled to an exchange for another product received with your full refund ( both handling and shipping charges)

Dollar General Return Policy Eligibility Requirements

1. This should be done within 30 days from the point of purchase or reception.

2. It should therefore be best when it is in the original boxes where possible.

3. The item delivered back should be in a usable condition.

4. When placing the label on a box, make sure that it is firmly fastened; and in cases where your package has its largest side, fix the label to the biggest side of that item.

5. The return tracking number also shown here 1Z-538922F6, is the full 18 digits.

6. It is advisable that you store a copy of the shipping label as well to facilitate your access.

Refund Policy at Dollar General

2. C.O.D and third-party billing will not be accepted for returned items by Dollar General in its business dealings; this would therefore mean that a customer has to take responsibility for the purchased order before being given further chance to return an item.

3. The product must be delivered upon return in its original boxes inclusive of all accessories, paper рабоt, and parts in good condition to ensure the credit.

4. If need help with shipping damages, please call 877-463-1553 to get in contact with the customer support team. In case the return is a result of a manufacturing defect or shipping error Dollar General will pay back the side cost for purchase.

5. All charges for returning shipping must be the prerequisite payment.

6. Concerning the disposition of returned orders, customers are entitled to a refund within 30 days of receiving such orders which should come in the form of a purchase, for example, if they used cash or check.

Can You Return Damaged Items?

The return policy of Dollar General, if any item is damaged from a small assembly to many huge items, such products are to be returned by calling customer support at 877-463-1553. 

If you exhibit such violent behavior, that is, if you damage the product in some way or other the return will no longer perform.

How Long Will You Have To Wait for the Refund?

When you return the item to Dollar General, you can expect a refund within 30 days of the company receiving the product. 

Though it will take less time to bring the item back to the store than to mail it back, this policy is the same no matter how you make your return.


Dollar General aims to provide customers with a positive shopping experience, ensuring satisfaction with their purchases.

Although their policy may be more stringent compared to other stores like West Elm, Gucci, Revolve, Louis Vuitton, Spirit Halloween, Lucy in the Sky, etc., there are specific return policies for certain items such as clearance items, cell phones, and electronics.

It is advisable to verify the particular return policy at your local Dollar General store before completing a purchase.

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