Ross Return Policy: Rules For Return Without Receipt

Returning items at Ross is pretty simple. Unfortunately, you won’t find an option to make returns online through the Ross Stores website. Instead, you’ll have to embrace the old-school method of returning items by visiting a physical store. Online labels and mail-in returns are not part of the Ross experience.

Ross Return Policy General Return Guidelines

Let’s talk about returning items at Ross without a receipt, but first, it’s essential to go over some general guidelines:

1. Preference for Receipts

Ross recommends hanging onto your original receipts as it makes the return process smoother. Having the receipt ensures you get your refund in the original payment method or as store credit.

2. Condition Matters

Whether or not you have a receipt, the item you’re returning should be in its original condition, unused, and with all the original tags and packaging intact.

3. Timeframe

According to Ross’s standard return policy, you have a 30-day window for returns, with a few exceptions.

4. Special Cases

Keep in mind that some items may have specific return conditions or might be non-returnable. This applies to items like swimwear, intimate apparel, and those marked as “As-Is” or “Final Sale.”

Ross Return Policy Without Receipt

If you find yourself in the return game at Ross without a receipt, here’s the lowdown on what to expect and how to navigate the process:

1. Step into a Ross Store

To kick off the return journey sans receipt, you’ve got to make a pit stop at a Ross store. Sadly, the online route for returns without a receipt doesn’t usually cut.

2. Present the Item

Bring along the item itching for a return, complete with its original tags and packaging, and head to the customer service desk.

3. ID Check

It’s like entering a cool club – you’ll need to flash a valid photo ID, be it your trusty driver’s license, state ID, or passport. Ross just wants to keep track of your return adventures.

4. Store Credit

In most scenarios, Ross will dish out a store credit, sweetened with the current selling price of your return. It’s your golden ticket for future shopping sprees at Ross stores.

5. No cash Refund

Cash refunds for returns without a receipt usually take a backseat at Ross. Store credit is the star of the show.

6. Return Limits

Keep an eye out for the fine print – Ross might tap you on the shoulder with a limit on returns without a receipt within a specific time frame. Handy info for the frequent return aficionados out there!

How to Return a Ross Item

When you’ve snagged something and feel like returning it, here’s a friendly guide to follow. Firstly, double-check that you’ve got the item in its unopened glory, along with details about how you paid for it. Having a receipt is handy, but if it’s playing hide-and-seek, don’t worry—just grab your photo ID.

Make sure those original tags are hanging out with the item. Now, take a trip to your nearest Ross store and share your return wish.

A helpful staff member will give it a once-over, and if everything aligns with the Ross Return Policy, you’re good to go!

Are There Exceptions to The Ross Return Policy?

Certain items, like fine jewelry, lingerie, and software, dance to a slightly different return tune. Still, the beat stays the same within a 30-day timeframe, and the receipt and those faithful original tags must stick around. Oh, and when it comes to jewelry, it’s a spotlight moment at a Ross store with a Jewelry department.

Lingerie has its return groove within 30 days, but keep those original tags on, and don’t forget to flash your payment proof.

As for software, the same return timeframe applies. Yet, the twist here is that software can only swap partners if it’s coming with a defect.

Items That Cannot Be Returned to Ross Stores

Just like your favorite neighborhood shops, it’s important to keep in mind that if you’ve worn, damaged, or used an item you bought, the return magic might not work.

And, sorry to say, once things are visibly damaged or the seal is broken, the return and refund doors sadly stay closed.

Can You Return A Ross Gift Card?

Sadly, turning gift cards into cold hard cash isn’t on the table. But don’t fret! If you misplace the original or it does a disappearing act, pop into the store, and they’ll set you up with a replacement card. Just be ready to show the gift card receipt for the transaction.

Keep in mind, if the initial receipt does a vanishing act too, they might need some ID backup. So, make it a habit to have your trusty photo ID by your side just in case.


While Ross spoils us with a diverse range of goodies, from stylish clothes to comfy furniture, the return policy keeps things simple and hassle-free. Just a heads-up, though – having a receipt and flashing your ID is the key to this retail magic.

Now, here’s the scoop: for any return, refund, or exchange dreams to come true, the items need to be in tip-top shape – undamaged, unopened, and unused.

There’s a sweet 30-day window for this retail rendezvous, with most items welcome for a return or exchange dance. Software, however, prefers a different groove, but the rest are ready to party back onto the shelves!

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