Does Walmart Take Apple Pay

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay at Self Checkout?

With Apple Pay, you can make purchases without carrying your wallet or credit card. However, there are several payment options at Walmart, but the big a lot people ask is, does Walmart Take Apple Pay at Self Checkout? This brief will explain further whether Walmart accepts payment from Apple Pay or not.

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay at Self Checkout?

With the introduction of an online payment system, customers can make purchases and also shop online.

Walmart is a well-known brand that offers convenience and easy accessibility to millions of customers. We are going to find out whether Walmart accepts Apple Pay in the next section.

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay at Self Checkout?

Unfortunately, the answer is a big no. You cannot use Apple Pay at Walmart stores and also at self-checkout. Walmart uses its own mobile payment system called Walmart Pay, which allows and supports contactless payments at its stores.

So if you want to use your iPhone to pay at Walmart stores, download and install the Walmart Pay mobile app.

Unlike other contactless payment methods that use Near Field Communication (NFC) to process payment methods at checkout, Walmart makes use of QR codes.

Why Apple Pay Doesn’t Work at Walmart

Below are the reasons Apple Pay doesn’t work at Walmart.

1. Walmart Pay

Walmart accepts its own digital payment method, Walmart Pay, while not accepting Apple Pay. The Walmart store does not accept Apple Pay in order to not compete with its own digital payment system.

The Walmart Pay app allows the company to connect with consumers by offering notifications and accepting payments online.

2. Marketing Benefits

The ordinary consumer may not think this to be very significant, but if Walmart can develop innovative methods for accepting payments and encouraging customer interaction, this will help build brand recognition.

Using a digital wallet like Walmart Pay is an innovative means to increase brand recognition. The Walmart Pay app is only accessible to Walmart consumers and is a component of the company’s plan to increase client loyalty.

3. Processing Fees

One of the main reasons Walmart does not accept Apple Pay is the processing cost. Apple insists that there is no charge to utilize their technology, but there is a price. The charges must be made on their behalf by the card issuer.

As a result, based on the card used via a digital wallet, Walmart must pay various processing costs. Depending on the card, the processing charge may be rather significant. Theoretically, Walmart’s earnings would fall if they started accepting Apple Pay.

How to Use Walmart Pay at Walmart Store

How to Use Walmart Pay At Walmart Store

To use Walmart Pay at a Walmart store is a very simple, easy, and convenient process. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Download the Walmart App

The first step is to download the Walmart app into your phone. Start by downloading the official Walmart app from the App Store for those making use of iOS devices.

For Android users, they can download the Walmart app from the Google Play Store. Ensure that you have a compatible smartphone.

2. Create or Sign In to Your Walmart Account

After downloading the Walmart app to your phone, the next step is to create a new account.

If you have an existing account, you can sign in using your details to log into the Walmart app. The next step is to navigate to the “Services” section and select “Walmart Pay.”

3. Setting Up Walmart Pay

Setting up Walmart Pay is a straightforward process that allows you to make secure and efficient payments at Walmart stores.

Follow the prompts to set up Walmart Pay by linking your most preferred payment method, such as a credit or debit card.

4. Shop at Walmart

Begin by choosing the items you want to purchase and place them in your shopping cart. You can explore Walmart’s extensive range of products, from groceries to electronics.

Go to the checkout counter at a Walmart shop when you are ready to make a purchase. Make sure the Walmart app is open and your phone is unlocked.

5. Activate Walmart Pay

You will be able to make quick, secure, and effective payments at Walmart shops after you have enabled Walmart Pay.

At checkout, the cashier will start the payment procedure. Scan the QR code that appears on the payment terminal using the “Walmart Pay” option in the app, or give the employee the appropriate code to scan.

6. Complete the Transaction

Once the QR code is scanned or the code is entered, the payment you made will be processed. You may be required to verify the transaction with your passcode, fingerprint, or Face ID which depends on your device’s settings.

Your shopping experience will be even more convenient with this mobile payment option thanks to features like digital receipts, Walmart app integration, and the possibility of fast lanes at selected Walmart locations.

Benefits of Using Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay is a seamless payment method that allows you to make purchases at Walmart without having to use your wallet.

Walmart Pay can only be used to make purchases at Walmart because it is a unique mobile payment option. Below are the benefits of using Walmart Pay.

1. Save Receipts

When you use Walmart Pay to make purchases, all of your transactions are recorded and preserved.

In that case, whenever you have your smartphone with you, you’ll have access to your proof of purchase in case you ever need to return an item.

2. Track Your Spending

With the help of the Walmart Pay app, whenever you are shopping, it is a good idea to use Walmart Pay.

It can help you quickly and easily check on your monthly expenditures and purchases to help you manage your budget.

3. Receive 5% Cash Back

You can earn 5% cash back on eligible purchases made with Walmart Pay if you use Walmart Pay together with a Capital One Walmart Rewards Credit Card.

Which is also equivalent to receiving a 5% discount on all your purchases.

4. Added Level of Security

In contrast to several other digital wallet systems, Walmart Pay does not use NFC (near-field communication) technology. Due to its vulnerability to hacking, NFC has recently raised safety and security concerns.

Instead, in order to protect customers and their mobile wallets, Walmart Pay communicates with its point of sale (POS) systems by using signals that do not send any financial information.

Walmart does accept its own mobile payment system, Walmart Pay, but it does not accept Apple Pay. Walmart Pay is a simple and practical method to pay for goods both in-person and online.

If you are looking for a mobile payment option to use at Walmart, I recommend downloading the Walmart app and start using Walmart Pay.

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