Top 10 Teacher Appreciation Week Deals 2023

Find the best teacher appreciation week 2023 deals to show your appreciation for teachers while receiving fantastic savings. Discover amazing deals and gift suggestions for this unique occasion.

teacher appreciation week 2023 deals

Sometimes, teachers are not given the credit they deserve. They look after and teach children, put in a lot of overtime work for little remuneration, and have even gone into their own pockets to assist a student or enhance the learning environment.

With Teacher Appreciation Deals, you can show your appreciation for the hard work instructors put into educating and leading pupils while also saving money.

People can show their appreciation for teachers in a heartfelt and cost-effective way by taking advantage of Teacher Appreciation Deals, and teachers can get several advantages and opportunities that further their professional and personal development.

What are Teacher Appreciation Deals?

Teacher Appreciation Deals are exclusive deals, reductions, and promotions that are frequently provided by a variety of companies and stores during a certain time frame known as Teacher Appreciation Week.

This week is devoted to commemorating and acknowledging the sacrifices, commitment, and efforts of educators who have a significant impact on how students think. 

By offering teachers access to a variety of reduced goods and services, Teacher Appreciation Deals provide students, parents, and communities a chance to express their appreciation for the instructors in their lives.

Personalized presents, books, technological devices, wellness services, vacation experiences, and other items can all be discounted under these offers.


Top Teacher Appreciation Week Deals

Teachers are the backbone of society, and they should receive all the support and encouragement possible.

Many restaurants are providing freebies and discounts throughout Teacher Appreciation Week in 2023. 

The list of offerings is below. Remember that these discounts are only accessible at participating establishments.

1. Applebee’s

For Teachers Appreciation Week, Applebee’s restaurants around the nation are running a variety of specials.

As it will vary by region, teachers should check with their local Applebee’s to confirm their involvement and any promotions that may be offered.

2. Great Wolf Lodge

Teachers can use the code “TEACHER” when making bookings between May 8 and May 14, 2023, to save up to 40%.

Additionally, a total of $100,000 can be donated to the charity by Great Wolf Lodge through a collaboration with DonorsChoose from $10 of each reservation made as part of this Teacher Appreciation Week campaign.

3. Headspace

Teachers and support personnel in grades K–12 can use Headspace accounts without charge.

Students can focus and develop stress-relieving habits by using the mindfulness and meditation software Headspace.

4. MOD Pizza

On May 2, Teacher Appreciation Day, teachers can enjoy a BOGO MOD-sized pizza or salad by presenting their work ID.

This in-store promotion will be accessible at all U.S. stores.

5. Potbelly

When teachers order a meal at Potbelly during Teacher Appreciation Week, they will receive a complimentary cookie or regular-sized soft drink.

Teachers just need to provide their badge or work ID at the counter.

6. Scholastic

From May 8 through May 12, Scholastic is giving teachers up to $50 off anything in The Teacher Store.

Additionally, year-round Scholastic provides Scholastic ClassroomsCount, a platform for fundraising that gives teachers 100% of the money they generate.

7. OfficeMax/Office Depot

Teachers who are members of Office Depot/OfficeMax Rewards can receive 30% back in Bonus Rewards on a qualified in-store purchase.

The incentive is accessible till July 1st. During the time of registration, teachers must provide their school ID and the appropriate discount.

8. Sonic

The SONIC Teachers’ Circle, a free rewards program accessible only to educators through the SONIC app, must be joined in order to be eligible for the discount.

Every degree-granting university employee in America is eligible for a free cheeseburger with one purchase starting on May 9 and continuing through May 16 if they work there.

9. Staples

When you purchase $100 or more in their locations between May 7 and 13, Staples will give you $30 back in rewards money.

Additionally, you can receive $10 off document printing when you purchase $40 or more through May 27 and $15 off flags, banners, and posters when you spend $75 or more.

10. Subway

Through a new initiative called Subway Serves, which runs from May 8 to May 12, teachers and nurses can win one of 10,000 complimentary Subway Series sandwiches. 

Every day at 9 a.m. ET, the first 2,000 teachers, and nurses who visit Subway and check-in will be given an electronic gift card that can be used to buy their preferred Subway Series foot long.

Purpose of Teacher Appreciation Deals

Teacher appreciation deals are a heartfelt and practical method to express thanks in communities while recognizing the essential efforts of teachers.

These carefully selected offers and promos are made with several important goals in mind:

1. Expressing Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Deals provide a platform for individuals, students, parents, and businesses to express their heartfelt gratitude for teachers’ unwavering dedication, hard work, and positive influence on students’ lives.

2. Recognizing Sacrifice

Educators often go above and beyond to ensure the success and growth of their students.

These deals recognize the sacrifices teachers make in terms of time, energy, and resources to create a nurturing learning environment.

3. Strengthening Relationships

By offering discounts and special offers, businesses and retailers forge a stronger bond with teachers and educational institutions, creating a sense of partnership in supporting the education sector.

4. Promoting Community Engagement

Teacher Appreciation Deals encourage communities to come together in celebration of educators.

This communal involvement not only enhances the morale of teachers but also reinforces the importance of education.

5. Enhancing Teacher Well-Being

Discounts on wellness services, relaxation retreats, and fitness classes through these deals emphasize the significance of teachers’ mental and physical well-being, promoting a balanced lifestyle.

6. Empowering Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Deals empower educators by providing them with opportunities for continuous learning and professional development through discounted courses, workshops, and resources.

In conclusion, Teacher Appreciation Deals serve a purpose that goes beyond simple discounts. They are a means to recognize, thank, and celebrate the teachers who shape the brains of future generations.

These agreements are essential for appreciating the important work of teachers and fostering a thankfulness culture that permeates communities.

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