Azazie Return Policy: Rules For Return After 30 Days

If you’ve just bought something from Azazie and you’re thinking about sending it back, it’s pretty important to get the lowdown on their return policy. So, Azazie is cool with returns for most regular-sized dresses and accessories, and you’ve got a 30-day window from when it got delivered.

But, hold up—there are a few tricky bits. Some items might come with a restocking fee, and if you’re dealing with a Try-On dress, there’s a charge that won’t bounce back into your wallet.

Knowing the ins and outs of these details will make sure you cruise through the process without any headaches. So, let’s dig into the nitty-gritty and make sure your return game is as smooth as it gets.

What Is Azazie Return Policy?

Azazie’s return policy is pretty customer-friendly, but there are some rules you should know. You’ve got a 30-day window to return most standard-size dresses and accessories from the day they’re delivered. However, if you’re dealing with jewelry and headpieces, the return window is a bit shorter at 7 days. Unfortunately, custom dresses, swatches, and certain ready-to-ship dresses can’t be returned.

Now, for the items that do qualify for a return, they need to be in mint condition – unworn, unwashed, and rocking their original tags. Oh, and here’s an eco-friendly twist: Azazie slaps on a 10% restocking fee for many items as a nod to sustainability.

When it comes to refunds, they’ll hit your original payment method or land as store credit in your Azazie account. Just a heads up, though – the shipping costs won’t bounce back into your wallet. And one last thing, make sure you get the green light before sending anything back!

Azazie Return Policy After 30 Days

Azazie is pretty firm on the 30-day return policy. If you’ve snagged a dress or accessory from them, you’ve got to ship it back within 30 days of receiving it. Sadly, if you miss this cutoff, chances are they won’t green-light the return.

This means you’ve got to make up your mind pretty swiftly about keeping or returning your item. Once you step outside that 30-day timeframe, getting a return approved could be a bit of a challenge.

Azazie In-Store Return Policy

However, since Azazie only operates through the Internet, there is no physical store where customers can go and return an item. They have to send back the items by mail.

If a customer needs to return an item, he or she must visit the Azazie website, and the procedure for returns will be detailed in it. For most return cases, the return will usually be of filling out a form for the return, printing a shipping label for it, and shipping the item back to Azazie.

After the return has been received and processed, a customer’s refund will usually be issued to their original method of payment. However, it’s still a good idea to verify the actual return policy found on the Azazie website before making the purchase.

Azazie Online Return Policy

All Azazie returns are online. Once the return request has been approved, the merchandise may be mailed back using the supplied return label. Please, when returning the item, ensure all the original packaging and tags are included and follow the instructions provided.

After we receive and inspect your return, your refund will be processed back to your original form of payment.

If you have any questions or concerns during the return process, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

How To Return Azazie Items by Yourself

Alright, so you order a Try-On dress from Azazie, and you’ve got a week to figure out if it’s your style. Just a heads up, the cost you pay for this trial covers shipping, and sadly, it’s not refundable.

But here’s the cool part: if you decide to take the plunge and buy the dress, you can still return it within 30 days of getting it if things don’t work out.

Just make sure it’s in the same top-notch condition as when it first landed on your doorstep, and ship it back within that 30-day window. Easy peasy!

Azazie Return Policy on Dresses

If you snag a Try-On dress from Azazie, you’ve got a week to mull it over. Keep in mind, that the fee you shell out for this trial covers shipping and is non-refundable.

Now, the silver lining: if you end up loving the dress and want to keep it, you can still return it within 30 days of delivery if things don’t pan out. Just make sure it’s in the same top-notch condition as when you first got it, and ship it back within that 30-day timeframe.

Does Azazie Offer a Refund or Store Credit for Returns?

Sure thing! Azazie usually gives you your money back instead of store credits for returns that qualify.

They’ll send the refund using the same way you paid for your purchase. For example, if you use a credit card, the refund goes back to that card.

If you went with a different payment method, the refund usually heads back the same way.


Azazie’s return policy keeps things pretty simple. If you send back your items within 30 days, in their original condition, you can expect a refund or exchange. To kick off a return, just get in touch with Azazie’s customer service for a return authorization number. Once you have that number, ship your items back to Azazie, and they’ll take care of your refund or exchange.

Keep in mind, that Azazie doesn’t take returns for customized or altered items. Also, the cost of return shipping is on you, unless it’s because of a quality issue or a goof-up on Azazie’s end.

The goal of Azazie’s return policy is to keep things easy for customers while making sure it’s not misused. Got any questions about your return? Shoot a message to Azazie’s customer service team for a hand.

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