Ssense Return Policy: Rule For Damaged Items

SSENSE is a Canadian chain of luxury and streetwear founded in Montreal, Canada. It operates as an e-commerce as well as a brick-and-mortar retailer. SSENSE serves customers in 114 countries globally. As for its customers who are residents of Canada, the US, Japan, as well as Hong Kong, SSENSE allows them to enjoy convenient and free returns.

Further in sections, there will be a full description of the company’s returns policy.

What is Ssense Return Policy?

Ssense offers customers a return period of 30 days for most of the products. The by-products return policy would give the customers a full idea of what the procedure of the company is regarding the return of different kinds of SSENSE merchandise.

Your product should be in certain conditions, to become eligible for return. Return the product within 30 calendar days of receiving the product.

The product is being returned in its original condition along with the receipt. The tags at the time of return should be intact with the product.

Rule to Return Damaged Items to Ssense

If you are lucky with a defective article, it is recommended to contact the customer care personnel for best aid. Ssence reserves the right to turn down any returns that fail to meet the return policy outlined herein.

The rejected items will not be refunded by the company, yet they will be sent back to the original shipping address.

To avoid these inconveniences, simply discuss the issues or inquiries about the subject item you would like to return with the customer care team.

Ssense also has a right to go on with a refund without the receipt of return postage since it is the only document that gives evidence that posted back was done.

How to Return Item to Ssense Through Mail

To send back your items by mail, please follow the steps below:

1. Firstly, access your SSENSE account.

2. Then click on the My Account tab to find the order history tab.

3. Click the return item tab next to the item to return an item.

4. The return label will be sent to the email on the order.

5. Now follow the given instructions to print the return label.

6. You need to affix the return label on the top of the package with the return product.

Ssense Return Policy for Footwear

Sense advises wearing clean socks and on a carpeted surface when trying out footwear for stipulating soles so as not to cause damage as well as issues of return to Ssense.

Returning the footwear requires sending the item, dust bag, and original shoe box in its original condition. To prevent damage during transit, it is recommended to place the shoe box inside a shipping box.

What is Ssense Refund Policy?

Your order will be quality assessed by SSENSE. If the quality of your order meets standards, then you shall receive a confirmation e-mail about the purchase, and once again through the original payment details your refund will be processed to your account.

SSENSE processes return in 5 business days with additional processing time pending depending on the bank’s account reflect process.

SSENSE will refund the original payment, and if it’s a credit card used it will be refunded back to the card. If you paid in cash – the refund will be made in cash.

Shipping fees as well as other handling charges are nonrefundable. If you need more assistance – please do not hesitate to contact the customer service department.

What is Ssense Exchange Policy?

Regrettably, Ssense does not offer a direct exchange policy. If the customers are willing to replace the product, they will have to follow the Ssense return policy.

Mail the item back to Ssense store, wait until your product is confirmed by Ssense, And get a confirmation email. It suggests that first, you mail the item back and then place a new order.

Shipping fees and other handling charges will be deducted from the customer’s account.

Final Thoughts

It has a very lenient return policy due to which customers can easily return their products if they are facing any sizing issues.

However, if SSENSE finds that his return policy is being abused, it will be flagged automatically in his system. In the case the company detects misuse of its return policy, it may take action to block the account and or cancel future orders.

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